Sep 22, 2021 5:32 PM
amenta colonizes delena
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"I don't..." She looks around. The dad and grandma haven't even noticed she's talking to the crow. She puts her homework down and goes to try to climb up the netting a ways to reach the message.


The crow comes along - he can't reach the message from here, so there's probably not anything he can do to help, but it's still interesting.


She manages to climb far enough to stretch up and poke it, and then it falls down the rest of the gap between nets till it lands on the top of the wall, and then she can reach in and pinch it and pull it through.


Once unrolled, the sheet has a message on it in blocky, inexpertly-written tapap: The crafters lone sassafras and traveler would like to talk to them; here's their contact information on the Amentan internet. The material this message is made of will decompose in a few days so they'll need to write it down somewhere else if they want to keep it.



Well, it can't really hurt anything to have it written down. She saves it and then tucks the message under some mulch in the garden.


The next day, traveler gives Chat Shuffle a try.

Please wait...

Assembling chatters...

Chat is about to begin! Remember, inactive chatters will get dropped from the shuffle. If you want to keep up with somebody offsite, we recommend using a temporary Breakout alias, not your main ID! Report abuse by tapping the name of a bad actor and selecting MOD ATTENTION.

This shuffle will last till there's only one person left in it! You can leave any time with the RESHUFFLE button.

gingercake is here
5050501 is here
traveler is here
yamo4 is here
soundandleaf is here
orangespring90712 is here

yamo4 said: orangespring you have 2 minutes to prove you're a person before I call a mod
orangespring90712 said: hahaha really? wow! that reminds me of something... [link]
orangespring90712 said: is anybody else permaspringing reaaaaal bad......
soundandleaf said: are you going to give them the whole 2 minutes
yamo4 said: nope!
orangespring90712 has been kicked


Well. Maybe - give it a minute and see how this works?

soundandleaf said: so I guess location is kind of silly here but hahaha age/caste? I'm 8, purple
gingercake said: 16, purple
yamo4 said: 5 and you guys are both lying nobody on here is actually over 6. yellow
5050501 said: I'm 7 I'm just SO bored, had to stay home from everything because I had a cold. orange
gingercake said: I thought they screened the passengers!!!!
5050501 said: don't get all hyper on me, some colds have long incubation periods or are asymptomatic, they weren't going to screen out EVERYTHING

traveler said: 60-some local years, crafter, sorry about your cold


yamo4 said: liaaaar
gingercake said: idk could be legit
5050501 said: thanks!
gingercake said: like they have machine translation for their language, right?
soundandleaf said: I thought they didn't have a language and were just telepaths??
gingercake said: no I think they have writing

traveler said: We have writing, it's good to be able to communicate without having to be around each other. Being able to use an everything to translate it is new.

yamo4 said: and you decided to come on CHATSHUFFLE
yamo4 said: pull the other one
5050501 said: why are YOU on chatshuffle, yamo
gingercake said: what's it like being a crafter
yamo4 said: moved here with my parents and don't have any local friends yet
soundandleaf said: hi space alien I'm an Amentan ask me anything

traveler said: The best thing about being a crafter has to be the crafting, I think. It's much easier to make what we need, so we have lots of time to do whatever we want.
traveler said: Right now I'm writing a book to explain Amentans to the other crafters, I'm looking for stories about what normal Amentans' lives are like for it.

soundandleaf said: I'd think memoirs would be better than chatshuffle for that
gingercake said: what kinds of things do you do with all your free time then?

traveler said: I like to travel, so I spend most of my time on that. I've been all the way around the world twice and written books about most of it. I like to help people who aren't used to traveling with it, too.
traveler said: is memoirs a website?

soundandleaf said: no, it's a genre, people write books about their lives
gingercake said: what kinds of stuff is there to see on this planet?
5050501 said: ping, going to make tea
yamo4 said: ping

traveler said: Only people who think they're interesting write books about their lives. I want stories about people who just think they're normal.
traveler said: There's lots of great stuff to see here but I think the most fun a lot of the time is all the different plants and animals, especially the talking animals. You've probably already met crows, but there's other types too. Parrots and dolphins and elephants and apes are about as smart as crows, and prairie dogs don't seem as smart but are very funny, they probably talk more among themselves but the only thing they say to crafters is 'fuck off'.

gingercake said: My building has some crows nesting on some of the balconies! The crows are funny but their babies are UGLY and it was a huge pain to teach them where to go to the bathroom.
soundandleaf said: A crow pooped on my friend's head when he was on his way to work and his boss almost didn't believe it had happened but who's going to stop to take a selfie before they duck into the nearest shower??

traveler said: Crows don't usually poop on people unless they're rude to them.

soundandleaf said: for all I know it was an accident, crows aren't that bright
gingercake said: I have seen one entering the door code for my building so that it could steal a stick off a potted plant that it wanted
soundandleaf said: a one year old could do that, they're smarter than fish, they're just not very bright

traveler said: They're only as smart as a little kid but they don't need to be very smart to understand offensive behavior. Lots of dogs understand offensive behavior and they're definitely smarter than dogs.

yamo4 said: well I don't think anyone arrested the crow so presumably from a legal standpoint it was not responsible for its actions
gingercake said: they're cute when they're not committing capital crimes!

traveler said: That didn't translate. What did they not do to the crow?

yamo4 said: they didn't catch it and take it in for an interview for pooping on somebody
yamo4 said: that's against the law and they're not totally SURE crows are theologically people but they are leaning that way to be safe
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