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jades in Konosuba get a tricksy isekai
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Luna happily hands one over.

Stat Alignment: Fitness / Ardor
A physical fighter who focuses on melee weapons and overwhelming damage.

Stat Alignment: Grace / Ardor
A physical fighter who focuses on ranged weapons and precision, with bonuses to taming monsters.

Stat Alignment: Sanity / Ardor
A brute-force spellcaster focused on destructive force from long range, with bonuses to casting speed.

Stat Alignment: Fitness / Moxie
A physical fighter who focuses on martial arts and overwhelming speed.

Stat Alignment: Grace / Moxie
An agile fighter with bonuses to stealth.

Stat Alignment: Sanity / Moxie
A balanced spellcaster focused on terrain control and utility magic, with bonuses to enduring hostile environments.

Stat Alignment: Fitness / Allure
A melee spellcaster focused on enhancement and impairment magic with bonuses against other magic. 

Stat Alignment: Grace / Allure
A balanced spellcaster focused on control and illusions, with bonuses to summoning.

Stat Alignment: Sanity / Allure
A brute-force spellcaster focused on healing and restoration at close range, and battlefield support at long range.

No Class - Adventurer
Stat Alignment: None

The gist is thus: Each class gains a special bonus from two of the six stats. To unlock a class, he has to have at least one of those stats above 10, so Warrior is the only class he doesn't have access to. Adventurer, unlike the rest, has no requirements and no stat bonuses.

The first nine classes come with a free level-up to level 1, as well as two free stat points, one free skill point, and auto-unlocks a sequence of core class Skills.

The Adventurer class gets none of those benefits, but does have the unique ability to unlock any skill that is performed in front of them. For the other nine classes, unlocking a skill requires already having purchased the prerequisite skill as well as having some inkling of how to perform a skill without system assistance.


"Oh, that's fascinating!" he says, reading through this. "Is adventurer a popular class? I suppose the implicit level penalty is nobody's friend, but I must admit I'm drawn to the skill mimicry aspect..."


"I see," Luna says. "Truthfully, choosing Adventurer is quite unpopular. The lack of starting bonus and the lack of class-specific stat bonuses turns most new adventurers off of the option, actually. But some people make it work."


"But you see," he says, "if I picked any other class, I'd keep encountering skills I couldn't pick up myself, and that sounds terrible."



"Go with your heart, Laurent. You don't need those starting bonuses anyway. You've got me."


"Well, if you insist."

Does this card permit him to select the Adventurer class? Is it obvious how to do so?


Tapping "~CHOSE CLASS~" with his finger brings up the list. And then touching "No Class" for three full seconds selects that and locks it in. The text under "Level 0" on his card changes.

CLASS: "Adventurer"
Class Bonus: Skill Observation - Witnessing any skill in action will unlock that skill for purchase.


Pretty straightforward!

"And now I'm an Adventurer."


"Congratulations! If you'd like to get started right away, the bounty board is over there, next to the bar."


"Thank you!"

He inspects the board.


There are quests posted!

Most of them have a level requirement of 2 or higher.

In fact, all of the quests have a level requirement of 2 or higher.

There are some menial odd jobs listed that don't have a level requirement though.


"Well, that's ignominious."

Coventina steps up beside him, looking down at her card. "Gonna pick my class now unless you have something to say about that. I am your 'cheat item' after all."


"I think the thing that I have to say about that is 'go with your heart'."



Coventina pokes at her card for a bit, then shows it to him with a grin.

Level 1

CLASS: "Cleric"
Class Bonus: Sanity - Your sanity stat increases the range of your ranged spells.
Class Bonus: Allure - Your allure stat increases the potency of your spells.

Stat Points: 2

Fitness - 14
Ardor - 19
Grace - 14
Moxie - 15
Sanity - 16
Allure - 20

Skill Points: 0

"Nectar of Sin" (Passive)
Your bodily fluids are a powerful restorative.

"Vital Rush" (Instant, Single-Target, Line-of-Sight)
Causes all damage-over-time or heal-over-time effects on the target to expend themselves immediately for the full damage or healing amount.

"Flesh for Flesh" (Instant, Single-Target, Touch)
Exchange your current health value and physical wounds with the target's.

ELEMENTS: Water - 100% Affinity | Flesh - 89% Affinity | Spirit - 32% Affinity


"Congratulations. Should we look into the odd jobs, do you think, or are there better uses for our time?"


Coventina puts her card away and peers at the board.

"So," she says in slightly apologetic tones, "we have exactly zero money. Which means we can't buy you a weapon or pay for a room or anything. So. That's kind of urgent. But, getting you your first skill point is also kind of urgent. I'm willing to follow your lead."


"Hmm. My top priority is being sure of food, water, and shelter for the immediate future, I think. Equipment and magic come second unless it starts to look like equipment and magic get me closer to having a roof over my head tonight."


"The smallest payout for a quest listed here is twenty times the biggest payout among the odd jobs," Coventina notes.

She doesn't bother to mention that she technically has food and water handled. Or, her breasts do, anyway. She has enough of a read on Laurent to know this wouldn't particularly appeal to him and also its been centuries since she's tasted anything and she wants real food too.

"You could try to pimp me out," she mentions wryly. She'd be remiss if she didn't bring up the option, but inwardly she's actually a little embarrassed at the idea. She's newly incarnated and climaxed just from grabbing her own boobs; she is less than confident in her current ability to be the best fuck of a guy's life. Which is objectively an unnecessarily high standard, she recognizes, but still.


"I mean, if you wanted to try that, I certainly wouldn't stop you, but I don't know that I have anything to contribute to the enterprise. Supposing that we don't, though, then we're left with the question of whether it's faster to achieve basic security of immediate material needs by doing a bunch of odd jobs right away, or by trying to scrounge just enough cash for a weapon and then—I don't actually know what to do to get my first skill point, to be honest."


"I'm just trying to respect the thing where I technically belong to you now," she teases him.

"Probably I can keep you alive if we go up against some of these even if we fuck up badly, but actually completing the quest... we might just end up spending all day running away with nothing to show for it afterward."


"It did occur to me, reading the list of your skills, that losing a battle against a single opponent isn't necessarily a showstopper if you can just tap them gently on the nose and give them all your wounds. I assume it's more complicated than that in practice."


"I mean, if I use Flesh for Flesh on someone who is already wounded, I receive those wounds, but other than the logistics implied by that, it is just about that simple, I think. I have enough Flesh affinity that I could probably cast that spell a hundred times before I started to get tired."


"Then, concept: we fight someone or something that doesn't have any friends and is wildly out of our reach by normal means, let it beat you within an inch of your life nearly unopposed, give it all your wounds and then kill it. —if you object to this plan because it would hurt a lot, we can come up with a better plan. Actually given how new you are to sensation in general I might insist you try out a small-scale injury first to make sure you won't be incapacitated. Actually it might be a better idea to acquire the wounds under controlled circumstances... I don't know, what do you think?"


"I'm not into pain and my... newness, is a concern. I might end up too incapacitated to cast. It's not a bad plan otherwise, though. I could transfer wounds from you to the enemy if I can touch both of you at once... but if money is the objective I'm sure you'd rather hang a for-sale sign on my pussy than be horribly maimed. And if stat points are your objective, then the plan is suboptimal because you get way more experience points for banishing monsters than killing them."



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