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An experiment gone awry leads Jisa far, far away from home.

An alarm blares. Ahsoka startles from her meditation. Sheesh, it's a rare day when an alarm gets to her before her force senses do, but then again, it's a rare day she reaches true inner stillness. Ironic how easy it had been to reach that state in the midst of the war, in snatches between the battles, and yet so difficult now, even if as her days were spent in solitude, waiting.

Ahsoka scans the screen in front of her. Shit. An unexpected life form right in the midst of her patchwork shelter. That really shouldn't be possible: ten different other alarms should have gone off before someone could have even landed on this moon. Oh well.

Ahsoka calls a blaster to her hand, shouts a warning into her comm link, and runs towards the invaded room.


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Jisa is experimenting with Gates. In secret, in one of the old Work Rooms, because no one in Haven is supposed to know she's a mage. Also because Vanyel would probably yell at her for what she wants to try. 

She doesn't even know what's going to happen (which is very exciting!!) as, instead of the normal sort of destination, she feeds the Gate-spell the blurry image of the moon close-up as seen through Kilchas' telescope, and a sense of distance, that direction, far far far– It probably won't work, you probably can't Gate that far, but she's figured out that she can do faster and less tiring Gates if she routes the search through the Elemental Plane of Fire and then the Plane of Water, probably something about the mage-energy density differential boosting the spell, Brightstar claims it makes sense but she doesn't really understand it.

- and it is hard, very hard, but then the Gate lands on something. She doesn't have as clear a usual a sense of 'where', and she can't actually see through it. 

If she asks her Companion about it then Enara is going to yell at her, so she doesn't, and just ducks across. 


Sweet Yoda's breakfast! It's a young girl–maybe a year or two younger than Ahsoka herself–and she doesn't look so hot.

Ahsoka's suspicion, caution, and concern battle briefly within her. Of course, concern wins outs. Besides, the girl is unarmed and...Ahsoka wouldn't say that she detected the Force in the girl, but she also wouldn't say that she didn't, yet overall she had a positive impression. She'll have to come back to that, but for now...

"Are you okay?"


Jisa has no idea what language the person is speaking! Also the person doesn't look human at all! She's not any other species that Jisa knows, though she has some colourations on her a bit like hertasi do.  

She sags to her knees, utterly exhausted and also - she can't feel Enara at all, or Treven. It's not even distance - this isn't the moon, anyway, she's indoors and the moon doesn't have any indoors - but distance would just pull on her mind-bonds and wherever she is now seems to cut them off entirely.

"Do you speak Valdemaran?" she says, breathlessly and without much hope. 


That's not Basic, or any other language Ahsoka could recall hearing. Her senses told her the girl wanted to establish communications, but little more than that. Very, very odd. How and why did someone who didn't speak Basic or another common tongue, or who was pretending not to, end up here?

They hadn't attacked yet, so probably it was safe to proceed as though she wasn't going to be attacked in the next few moments.

"DD, I need you,"  Ahsoka spoke to her comm. It wasn't the done thing, for some bizarre reason, yet nonetheless, Ahsoka had added a protocol module to her astromech. She was sure she was missing something – her best guess is astromechs and protocol droids were sold separately just to make more money.

DD rolled into the room, one wheel a little squeaky. "Could you say something again, please?" Ahsoka requested of the exhausted invader. "My droid can figure out your language." It was good to send the correct tones even if the words themselves wouldn't be understood.


"I'm sorry, I don't understand your language." Jisa speaks half a dozen languages, too, if you define 'speak' to include 'can muddle through a basic conversation', and this doesn't sound like any of them.

(Damn it she wants Treven here, she wants Enara...she wants her mother...)

She's almost too tired to Mindspeak at all, and trying it at someone un-Gifted is an additional level of difficulty, Van can do it no trouble but, as much as she hates to admit it, he's a stronger Mindspeaker as well as a stronger mage. The strange creature - person - isn't Gifted, but she does seem to have something, she doesn't feel like an un-Gifted mind either. 

:Hello?: Jisa tries. 


In a single blur of mental and physical motion, Ahoska pulled her mind in to herself / sent a blast of force energy outwards (not enough to harm most creatures, but enough to knock them off their feet) / and raised the blaster to point keenly at the being before her.

Her thoughts caught up with her actions. Something - probably this girl - had tried to enter her mind. Jedi might read the energy and feeling of those around them; Sith forcibly entered the minds of others, or so she had been taught long ago, back when she accepted teachings of the Jedi uncritically.

"I'm not going to assume that was a hideously hostile attack from you, but also I'm not going to assume it wasn't. Do not try that again." Ahsoka pushed all the meaning she could into her tone.

"DD, anything?"


"I'm sorry, Ahsoka, that language is not in my databanks. Beep boop beep."


Ow. Jisa's shields catch most of the blow and she's not on her feet to begin with, but she's still definitely not trying that again! 

She does try some more sentences, in all the languages she speaks - Rethwellani, Hardornen, the regional trade-tongue, Tayledras...


Ahsoka looks again at the mystery girl, still exhausted, yet not sent sprawling from Ahsoka's force push – more reason to think her not ordinary. Now the girls seems to be cycling through a number of languages, hoping to get a hit? Ahsoka looks to DD, but DD just holds up its two little arms in a robotic shrug.

Very, very weird. The girl trying further languages shifts Ahsoka's guess more towards this girl is not hostile, and that the knock on her mind was only a communication attempt. Shifts her guess. A bit.

Ahsoka lowers the blaster. Doesn't look like this is going anywhere fast. Ahsoka had been on a couple of expeditions to newly contacted worlds and had seen the droid-facilitated "training exercises" people of foreign tongues could use to learn each other's language. Slow yet usually effective. But this girl looks like she needs rest, maybe medical care, before anything else.

Ahsoka points at the girl. Then points at the corridor leading to the various rooms. Then makes "walking fingers" with her fingers.

Into her comm-link, she states quietly, "Tel, I've found a very strange visitor in our storage vault. Not obviously not a friendly. Can you search the scanners for a ship, and figure out how she got in without us noticing. I don't like it."


Tel is a bit taken aback by the message, and quietly embarrassed. Ahsoka wouldn't needle him about it, but his equipment should have picked up on anyone getting within a couple of parsecs of their location.

"Whoa. Yeah, I'm on it!"

Theoretically, he should be scared, and it's probably bad that he isn't, but Tel finds it hard to believe anything could best that teenage Jedi. Err, ex-Jedi?


The stranger's body language is less hostile. Somewhat less, anyway. That's a relief. Jisa nods at the mimed walking motion and, with some effort, hauls herself to her feet.

She really wishes she could Gate right home again but she has no idea where she is and she's too tired to make a mage-light right now, much less a Gate. 


Ahsoka directs the girl to the med-bay, more of a med-closet really. She points to the bed-bench.

"M8, sorry to wake you, diagnostic scan, please." The medical droid splutters. It was probably three times older than Ahsoka, rebuilt more than once, seen a few battles. Exile-fugitives didn't get to be picky with their equipment, not that new even meant better with droids. 


M8 waves its scanning appendages.

"No injuries to this lifeform. However, extreme fatigue. Rest advised."

"Also, I detect structures in this lifeform's brain not present in similar lifeforms. However, these appear to be healthy and not cause for concern."


Jisa has been trying not to stare too obviously at the stranger's weapon, it's not a sword and it's also not magical, she has no idea what it is or what it would do to her, although she's definitely not tempted to test it.

She is staring at the weird metal round thing that's rolling around on wheels and beeping. What is it? It moves it's alive but it's...not, or at least her mage-sight doesn't think so - but there's a mind there, kind of, her Thoughtsensing senses something but it's not at all coherent or legible, it doesn't look like anything more than noise, and the 'garden' her Mindhealing-Sight can sort of detect is almost unimaginably weird, and equally incomprehensible. 

The same is true of the new metal thing that's now waving metal arms over her head. Jisa ducks, unsure what's going on. 


Ashoka could go for some rest herself. “DD, bring something to eat for our, mmm, guest.”

Ahsoka waits until the droid rolls back with a ration bar and canister of water that it deposits next to the girl. 

“DD you’re on watch duty. She’s to stay here. If she does anything funny, let both me and Tel know.”

DD beeps in confirmation.

Ahsoka points at the girl, points at the medbay bench emphatically and with stern expression, then mimes going to sleep.

 She leaves and locks the door. The med-bay bed wasn’t the nicest quarters, but it was the only extra bed. Besides, from experience, Ahsoka knew that if you were tired enough, you could sleep anywhere.



If Gating home right this second were an option then Jisa would be doing it immediately, but she's far too drained, and - is starting to suspect she's a lot further from home than she intended. She gives the strange alien the best grateful smile she can manage, and tries to look around at the room she's in, but she's too tired to muster much curiosity. She does manage to gulp some of the water, and stares muzzily at the weird chalky-looking stick, unable to figure out what it's for

Oh well. The people here seem friendly enough, at least as long as she doesn't try Mindspeaking the stranger; have they never heard of Mindspeech here? 

She curls up on the offered bed and is asleep within thirty seconds. 


"Tel, you find anything?"


Tel leans over to the comm-link in his console.

"'s really bizarre. There's been no energy activity in the system for the last 30 days, not since those mining probes came by. Definitely nothing on our moon. The only thing I've got is any energy blip in the storage vault around when you found her. Who could put a ship down that quietly? She must have some crazy tech."


"If she does, she managed to hide it from M8 too. Scans didn't show anything, no blaster, sword, lightsaber – not even a comm-link."

"Though, there's something about her. Like she was connected to the Force, if the Force were the wrong flavor. She absorbed a force blast pretty easily. I wouldn't let her out of our sight for now."

"I'm confused, Tel. If she's here hurt to us, I don't think she's one of the enemies we know. Maybe we can cross the language barrier and get some answers. See you in the "morning".

This moon didn't have kind of cycle that had a "morning", but you had to live as though it did.


"So either she's got crazy tech or special powers. I'm up for being friends."


"I know, Tel. You don't stick around with me for my winning personality," she jived. He was cute sometimes, but not her type, fortunately– that'd complicate things.


Jisa, oblivious to their discussion, sleeps like a log for something like ten candlemarks if she had to guess - there are no candles in here, or any other indication of the time passing, the lights make her think of mage-lights but aren't magic at all. She wakes up ravenous. Enough to give the weird chalky stick a hopeful look; it doesn't look much like food, but the stranger gave it to her along with the water, so maybe it's what they eat here? 

She tries gnawing on it. 


"Good morning, sleepy." Ahsoka marches the girl toward their war room - not that they were at war, but she didn't really have another name for it.

She sits the girl down by the centre console. She hopes the girl is well-rested; she should be- the first time she'd checked in, the girl had still been asleep. By now it's mid-"morning." 

Ahsoka points to herself and says slowly. "Ah-so-ka." Then she points to Tel, sitting in the corner. "T-e-lll."

Tel waves. 

She points to DD and ennunciates "dee-dee", which gets a beep or two. Finally, she points to the girl herself. 


Ooh, they're doing names. "Jisa," Jisa says, enunciating it carefully. She looks around at the others, repeating each name while pointing. "Ahsoka. Tel. Dee-dee. Is that right?" They presumably won't understand her words but will hopefully get the gist that it's a question. 


Ahsoka smiles and says, "very good!" She presses a button and the holo-display comes to life. She chuckles in her own head. This is where the fun begins. 

The holo-display starts with easy things. Water. Trees. Planets. Each time, Ahsoka names them in Basic, then pauses, points to Jisa, indicating her turn. 

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