Dear Leareth,

We were lifebonded.

I don't know in what state this letter will find you. Maybe you have a broken lifebond, like me, in which case I'm waiting for you at my mother's home in Petras and am ready to come back to you as soon as you reach your people and receive this message. But maybe you don't. Maybe you have a clean slate to work from, in which case you need all the information relevant to deciding what to do. I'm not dying. We didn't ask to be lifebonded in the first place and I'm not going to insist, if you can now not be.

I'm not sure how comprehensive your notes are so I'm just including everything since we met.

You were in Petras on a recruitment trip...


...where we were ambushed by some monsters later identified to me as a variant on wyrsa. I got away on Amshalan. You were of the opinion that it was a god objecting to the prospect of an alliance with Valdemar. It would probably have killed me too if not for Amshalan; I wonder if the god didn't see that part coming, as it must have looked unlikely. I think you called a Final Strike to prevent them from chasing me. You asked me to wait for you. We ran till Nayoki caught up with us...


I told Nayoki I couldn't stay, and I think she thought it was something about reminders of you, but it's not. You might come back without any mind control and if you do I can't be anywhere you have to go, it's only fair for it to be up to you. I'm keeping busy and I am not dying.

But if you're going to come get me I would appreciate it if you hurried.

Love, Belrun