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Sep 25, 2020 1:50 AM
Pradnakt meets Alek
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He makes to stand, to help her with Nine, but immediately recalls that this is a bad idea and falls back against the wall, blinking away black spots. 

"Ah... It's nice. And. If you don't mind?" he says after a moment, once his head is spinning at a more manageable rate. 


    "Of course not, sir."

Pradnakt cuts in before she can start, though. "Hey. I'm going to drop the cloak now, don't panic, all right?"


"'M not sensing very far," He tells the voice - presumably the Sith - "But Ok." 


Daisy pauses in her work to watch him. After a moment the Sith's presence unfolds into view in the Force, vague at this distance but made more obvious by the contrast with its absence; she seems to be about as powerful as he is, or maybe a little more.


He tenses a bit as she comes into 'view'. Powerful, and controlled, and definitely Sith. Not too close, but they're going to be heading towards that presence, apparently. That's a frightening thought. 

It's not frightening enough to set him off, however. He stays where he is, and makes no threatening motions. 


    "We're fine," the droid reports.



She gets back to work. "Eddysha Bropres, Spacer's Sunset," she begins reciting, a long poem with plenty of evocative imagery and a wistful tone, and more like it, once it's done, coming to the end of one just as she finishes tying the larger droid down. She approaches Alek again to offer a hand, then. "Come on, let's go get Isk. Where are they?"


He relaxes some as she speaks, focusing on the imagery instead of the Sith on the edge of his senses - as much as he's able to, at any rate. Ignoring a threat like that is hard.

"Ship," he says when she approaches, staring down at her extended hand without comprehension. "Outside town. I can -" He tugs out his own comlink, connecting to the ship. 


A stream of droidspeak comes out in return, "Why are you calling? What did you do? Idiot Jedi!"

"'M not a Jedi. Got hurt, killed someone, bringing friends."

"You are injured?! Not a Jedi, still an idiot! What friends?"

He waves the comlink at DZ, "Droid friends. Gotta go with 'em for healing, 'nd t'make sure Nine's ok," he tells Isk. 


"I'd like to get him to the ship as quickly as possible. Where are you located?"


There's a pause, and then Isk lists out the coordinates of their landing site. 

"How injured?" They ask, "Who did you kill? Will there be trouble about it?"

"Dunno. Slimesucker deserved it. M'fine, 's just the one shoulder." 

"Not fine, idiot," Isk insists. "Your words are slurred. How injured?" They ask again, directing their words to the droid who had spoken. 


"Blaster shot. He'd be unconscious if he wasn't a trained Force-sensitive, but I think he'll survive it."


"If you can get him here without damaging him any further, yeah, he'll pull through. You really do want to get him to the ship, though, he's not going to be upright much longer."


"Yes ma'am." She takes the comm, clipping it next to the radio, and then takes his hand to lead him to the speeder. "We're on our way."


Oh, that's what the hand was for. He follows her to the speeder unsteadily. 

Getting on it might be a bit challenging. Balancing, too. He can probably manage for the short ride to the ship, though. 


She settles him in front of her, and guides the speeder with one hand while she uses the other to hold him up; the flowers on her chassis are uncomfortable against his back, but it's not a very long ride. She recites a few more poems on the way, and alerts the other droid when they're a minute away.


Uncomfortable is good, it keeps him more awake. He tries to keep listening to her words, but the Force trick he's been using to stay conscious is getting harder to keep up, so more and more of his attention starts going to that instead. 

Isk sends back acknowledgement when she alerts them to their approach. 


The ship is a small freighter of indeterminate origin. Whatever the original model was, it has been gone over so many times - bits added and removed here and there, painted and scuffed up and repainted - that there's no telling what it was. A utility droid - a T7 astromech, specifically - awaits them at the top of the lowered ramp. When the speeder comes to a stop they zip forward, making alarmed and angry noises.

"You were just scouting! How?!" 

"Not sorry. Stims?" 

"No! They are bad for you!" 

"Gonna pass out," he points out blearily. 


"That's fine, sir, just let me help you to a bed first." She's already guiding him off the speeder.


He proceeds to half-fall off the speeder, leaning on her. 

"-name's Alek," he tells her. He means to say she can use it, but is distracted by the weird way the ground is behaving. 

Isk leads them up the ramp, and from there into his quarters. It's a very small room, and pretty cluttered. A few crates filled with datacards litter the floor, the accompanying datapad lying on the end of the bunk. There's an open medkit next to it, empty aside from a few antiseptic towels, some burn salve, a couple of stims, a field cauterizer, and a full bottle of pain killers. A few sets of clothes are folded into the space above the bunk, along with a some extra blankets.


She does her best to keep him from stepping on anything, and guides him to the bed. "Painkiller, ma'am?" she asks, as she settles him onto it.


She shakes one out and offers it to him.


Ugh. He makes a face. 

"Take it," Isk demands from the doorway.

He turns the face in their general direction, but grudgingly accepts the painkiller. He's not a fan of the way they make his mind foggy, and he never learned how to filter substances out while under their effects, either. 


"You don't have to, sir. We'll be there soon, and she has a pain blocking effect."


His hand pauses on the way to his mouth.

...He's never been much of a healer, but he's pretty sure it's supposed to be really hard to share a pain blocking effect?

He'll take any excuse, though. He tilts his head in an approximation of a nod, dropping the pill back in her hand. 


She puts it back in the bottle, and turns to the rest of the first aid supplies.

"The speeder is a 486 model," she tells Isk while she works. "If you can get it inside we'll get there a little faster. The access port is on the right above the front repulsor."


They beep an affirmative, performing a quick visual scan on her. They notice the lightsaber damage, but decide to wait until they're on their way, and Alek isn't paying attention, to bring it up. A Force-user in Imperial space who damaged their droid sounds dangerous. Unfortunately they don't have any other good choices, so Isk will have to ask how best to navigate this situation with minimal harm to themself and their charge. 

They trundle out of the doorway, and then out of the ship to guide the speeder and its cart and passenger inside. 


She starts up with the poetry again as she works, a little more quietly, soothing.

"Just north of mist,
along the border,
   half a color
from the water,

under the kiss
of shadow’s daughter,
   (two breaths backward,
one word upward),

past the rumpled
terra cotta,
   down the salve
of templed sorrow,

up the scales
of Bach, and Buddha,
   down the moon
of broken solder,

through the eyes
of someone’s father,
   in the grass
beside the water;

one part liar,
one part seer,
   one part lyric,
one part scholar,

this is the walk
we come to wander,
   one part illness,
one part healer."


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