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Nov 17, 2019 7:33 PM
A princess is enslaved by conquering neighbours and survives

It was the third day since Lelia Radofin Arconesta Crown princess of Ventalar has been taken from the castle by human soldiers and taken to their palace. She had been fed nothing in that time, the cell was bare stone except for some straw to sleep on and a bucket to relieve herself in.

This was not an acceptable way to treat a royal captive! Didn't these barbarians have a wing in the palace for political prisoners? She would be sure to tell her family the barbarity of these humans when they ransomed her back...though there had been a lot of soldiers storming the castle...maybe they had not gotten away. She would just have to hope she either got ransomed back to her family or a horde of Valk warriors who had taken the wolf shifting potion would storm the palace to rescue her.

The tiny newly established neighbouring human nation had attacked without provocation. These aggressive humans, that looked just like her own people but with strange round furless ears and no tails, just showed up out of nowhere and set up a kingdom next door. She hadn't even bothered to learn the name of their little country thinking it unimportant and that father would deal with them, and in no time at all they were at the gates using powerful magic to batter it down and storming the castle taking prisoners and looting everything.

She had tried yelling down the hall through the bars to get someones attention and that she shouldn't be in this cell but anyone who passed by just ignored her or gave her a scornful look.

She was dirty, and tired, and hungry, and just wanted a bath so as to be able to wash her dark hair and furry ears and fluffy tail. Miserably sitting in her cell hoping they didn't just intend to starve her out.

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That is totally not what they're planning to do at all!

She is going to get her wish though. Kind of.


The idea of a wing (or something like it) had actually been suggested to her! By the Seneschal even. Not the kind the (ex-)princess is thinking of, obviously. Getting political is for countries she's not invading. Just something a bit more put together with its intent in mind, rather than the rather all purpose dungeon space.

But the Queen had made her decisions, and her decisions were that a) she does want to be the first one to introduce the (ex-)princess to her new - situation (she's only going to get to do this so many times, isn't she?), and b) she's busy what with the whole conquering a country thing. So generic waiting it is.

The Seneschal hadn't argued with her, obviously. No one who might be tempted to argue with her had been invited on her excursion up north. An excursion that's been going very well, if she does say so herself. The elves had folded without even a fight, and there was the land she needed and the workers for it (and a few extra compensations, of course). And if appearing to live somewhat quietly in what might look like a corner of the so-considered 'elf lands' had given some other neighboring nations a not exactly correct idea of what the humans were capable of, well. She can't say that's not according to plan, can she.

And now the first real fight was over before it really even begun. After all the warnings her new elf vassals tried to (oh so politely) give her about the fearsome Valk, their kingdom fell as easily as their gate. (If any of the elf vassals had recently been doubting their decisions about surrender, she suspects they might be reconsidering that doubt.)

And now she's spent three days on all the sorts of work that conquering a country did end up producing (not that she minds. If she didn't like it, she probably wouldn't have set off north, would she). And thinks it's about time for a different kind of reward.



This time the soldiers who pass Lelia's cell don't ignore her. Instead they open the cell, drag her out into a courtyard, and shove her in the direction of a few buckets of water.

"Clean yourself up. And be quick about it."


She squirms as they drag her, they can't treat her like this! she can walk herself! Yelling "Let me go let me go!" until they shove her towards the buckets. She just stares at them incredulously.

"Out here? In front of you? With just some buckets and my hand? Are you people savages? I demand to be drawn a bath and have some servants to attend to me! Political prisoners have rights you know." She stomps her foot and tries to act strong and commanding as her brother taught her, despite how weak she felt from lack of food and comfortable bedding to sleep well in.


They seem to find this pretty funny. 

"Well oh Princess Rights," one of them says. "You can do it with your hand - and the soap, us savages do like to remember that. Or we can hold you down and do it with our hands."

(And that sentence is practically begging for a few certain jokes after it, but the soldier will tell them to her companions later. Everyone knows what happens to people who try to take what belongs to the Queen, in any way.)


"Y-you wouldn't dare! The only person who is allowed to touch someone like that is their mate!" She exclaims in naive shock. Not even some of father's worst enemies would treat a royal heir like this. Threats of being...handled by these human soldiers, that was unthinkable.

"I can't bathe myself in front of you even if you do threaten me...I-It'd be shameful. If you insist on making me wash with this at least leave the room..." This was getting kind of frightening to Lelia now. If the humans didn't respect her rights and wanted to make her debase herself like this who knows what they could do.


They seem to find this even funnier, but kind of restrain themselves this time. 

They exchange glances. 

"Better not try anything while we're not here," says one of them. "Your new clothes are right there; better be ready and wearing them ten minutes from now." And they disappear beyond a courtyard archway. 

(Where they can laugh without worrying the Queen will consider them stealing her 'introduction' after all.)

Permalink least they were considerate enough to leave the room. If this keeps her modesty intact she will do as they want and bathe as quick as she can scrubbing herself down with the cold cold water as thoroughly as she can. 

These clothes...were not to a royal standard at all, plain and threadbare. But she couldn't put her dirty clothes back on that would be gross. So she put them on.

The skirt was not designed at all for her tail so the tail kept lifting the back of the skirt up and she couldn't figure out how to get it to stop doing that so her underclothes were not exposed to anyone behind her before the guards came back.


If they'd heard her thinking about keeping her modestly intact they would have started laughing again.

Instead they come back in the promised ten minutes. Take a moment to make sure their directions have been followed, then take out some chains they fasten around her wrists and start taking her through the castle again. A rather longer way this time. She may notice it getting fancier as they go along.


She scowls at the soldiers as they bind her with chains. But doesn't say anything because she has already written them off as barbarians who seem to insist on treating her like a common criminal. She shuffles along obediently for now.

She hopes the person in charge is more honourable otherwise she will have to think of escaping. Her brother always told her in case of capture just sit tight and await ransom because escape can be dangerous but if the person in charge was just as disrespectful of her status as these guards she might have to risk it for her safety.


Finally they lead her into a throne room.

It's pretty full, nobles in the front behind a clear area, some commoners vying for space behind.

The person in charge is sitting on a throne at the height of the room. (The person in charge does not in fact consider herself particularly dishonorable. She didn't promise anyone not to do this, did she? Nor disrespectful, that being a concept that obviously enough does not apply to her. She is the Empress; respect is due to her. Whatever she wishes to bestow on everyone else is for her to decide.)

People shout as the soldiers lead Lelia through to the clear space in front of the throne. They stop at what is clearly an appointed place. Bow as the room falls silent. 

The Queen sits up.

"Why if it isn't our guest of honor. Welcome! What was it - Lelia! Lelia, Crown princess of the Valk of Ventalar. So exciting to finally see you in person. What do you think of my castle?"



(On the same side of the clear area as the queen, near the walls to the left and right, two more nobles watch these proceedings.

To the left is a man with long black hair held back under his circlet and mostly inscrutable eyes that move from the 'guest of honor' to the crowd to his twin on the other side.)


(His twin watches with amusement on her impish features. She shares the long black hair with her brother but it is loose around her face and her eyes are playful.

Having an idea of what her mother will do next she is eyeing up the young Ventalaran princess with a... hungry look. She turns and gives her brother a knowing smile as he glances at her before going back to look at the princess.)


Lelia gives the woman on the throne, obviously a queen, a withering look and jangles the chains binding her hands. "The treatment of 'guests' in this castle leaves a little to be desired. Your royal majesty." She says, saying the queen's title stiffly to show she is disapproving but still technically following the rules of courtesy and showing the queen respect by using her title.

But she does not bow with the others, they are both royalty, she is an equal. She may not be in royal garb but she will hold herself like the princess she is.


(He's also watching. Not in the throne room. He has been permitted in the throne room for one reason, and it's - not his turn. From one of the hidden galleries above it, unseen behind its grate. Kalei's gallery, His Highness's own chain locked to a loop near the window. 

He'd know, somewhat, what was happening - news filters to him, much time as he does spent among the denizens of the castle. But it was Kalei who'd told him the details. Pressed him into his coverlet and came inside him, turned him around.

"Would you like to watch?"

"Yes, Your Highness." He can tell the answer is a surprise, but Kalei, as he does, readjusts quickly.

"Beg." He does. He's - gotten fairly good at it, by now.

His Highness - indulges him, or possibly thinks he was lying about wanting to. Perhaps that's what the chain is for.

He wasn't lying. Or was, in that he does not, of course want to watch. But - there isn't anything else he can do, not yet. (Not much he can do, yet or otherwise). At least he can watch. At least he can know what happens.


He remembers his own first time in the throne room (vividly, still, even with so many other memories now). He flinches.)



She smiles.

"Oh, it's Imperial Majesty, now. I have this recent new acquisition. You may have heard of it. Cold mountains, nice iron mines. Wolves running around."


More glaring from Lelia. "Is that why I'm here? For you to gloat? Is that why you have disregarded all common decency and put me in these chains!" She snaps, this was oh so stupid to do in front of the queen but she had had enough. Having her peoples kingdom and their right to rule it mocked right in front of her.

"My people will not take oppression from barbarians like you lightly. They will rise up and force you out of our ancestral lands. Count the days you hold our territory 'your imperial majesty' " Sneering the queen's title sarcastically. Fangs bared at the crowd and her hackles raised, digging her sharp nails into her palms wishing she was out of these shackles so she could show this barbarian queen what 'wolves' could really do.


 (He flinches considerably harder. And now he rather very much does not want to watch.

He keeps watching.)



"Actually the chains are mostly practical. Can't have you trying to put holes in my nice silks here. Or my subjects." And then shifts again, position and voice.

"Your people lost, oh my darling guest of honor. They 'rose up', and they took up their weapons and they drank those potions you're so fond of, and they gave it their best, and they lost. They called us barbarians from an upstart kingdom, and they barely gave us a thought, and they lost. 

That's why you're here. Because you lost.

And because I think some of your people haven't quite realized it yet, that you lost. The corpses of their friends, their walls knocked down to rubble - it's not enough for some people. 

The last ones who were stubborn, they died. That's how it goes, in battle. These ones, maybe they'll die too. Or maybe they'll understand.

I think I can help them understand.

They're my subjects now, aren't they. It's good to help them."

She leans forward in her throne, smiles. "Now, if I tell you to come kneel between my legs and service me with your mongrel mouth, are you going to be an obedient little ex-princess, or do I need to have my soldiers gag you first?"


Her eyes go wide as the queen says some of the most horrid things she has ever heard in her entire life, practically shaking with rage when the queen suggests 'servicing' her and calling her a mongrel! A mongrel!

"I will never touch your disgusting cesspit you uncivilised brute! Unlike your people I still have honour! I am still a princess it is in my blood! and you cannot honestly expect me to go anywhere near you and your degenerate ways." She knows she will likely pay for that, but there is no way she is going to meekly get between the queen's legs and do that.


The Queen doesn't seem especially upset by this outburst either.

"Option b it is!

Do the honors, will you?" she says to the soldiers.


They have a gag, the kind that keeps one's mouth open (and accessible). They use it.

(If she tries to fight she'll notice that the chains prevent that even more than their form might suggest.)


They wouldn't! Not in front of all these people! With this...humiliating muzzle keeping her mouth open and making her drool down her chin. Struggling futilely against the chains and looking around panicked around the throne room. Wishing that a miracle would happen and someone anyone would save her from this.


(The female noble twin, that sat on the same raised area as the queen but not on a throne, was rubbing her thighs together at watching this Valk girl get chained up and her mouth gagged. She was enjoying the show immensely.) 


The castle has been proofed against inconvenient miracles.

The Queen gestures a command to the soldiers, who drag Lelia forward and force her to her knees. Moving up her skirts, the Queen takes her by the hair and pulls her into place.

"Now, I'm going to be doing this till I'm satisfied. You want that to happen faster, I think you know what to do." 

Lelia's face, half under the Queen's skirts, is now pressed into the Queen's warm folds. Languidly, the Queen grinds into her, tugging on her hair and thrusting slightly with her hips.

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