Let's do this one last time.

My name is Lev Aarons, and I'm a mutant. I can find patterns in information, which it turns out is a way more useful power than it sounds like.

If my parents found out I was gay, they'd disown me, and if my parents found out I was a mutant, they'd kill me. So I spent a long time faking anorexia in order to seem like the perfect child. Then I almost died, Spider-man saved my life, and I realized if I kept it up I'd die without ever having really gotten to live. Naturally I started a Spider-Man fansite and somehow we wound up dating. He helped me run away from home, and now I live with a billionaire superhero and use my power to help him optimize the world.

A few months back, Sasha almost died, and then came back to life because it turns out his friend is dating Death. I'm still not over it, but mostly I'm pretty okay.

And then one night I woke up by being kidnapped...