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Oct 26, 2020 2:19 AM
Lynne in Veilfall
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She can keep her Scyelen appropriately muffled.

Something—flickers? Sparkles? Something happens, anyway, when she has that thought. She pauses, rewinds her train of thought, considers her conceptual phrasing. Yes, she was getting a little possessive there. And why did this excite her bullshit magic powers, exactly? That's kind of concerning. She's kind of concerned.

...she is trying to investigate her powers here, though, not just get Scyelen off.

She concentrates on that state of mind, brings it into focus. And something... shifts... and it feels a little like she's holding out her hand poised to scoop up Scyelen's whole self and take it, keep it, make it hers.


She considers whether to ask first. Then she considers everything she knows about Scyelen.

Gently and carefully, tentatively, cautiously, she ?closes? her ?hand?.


If this situation were being represented as a text adventure, then Scyelen would be getting a prompt right about now that looked something like:


Scyelen is a little busy cumming her brains out, but the prompt can pluck the wordless (um.... probably not...?) out of her mind.


She feels resistance, and her power's instincts tell her to grab harder, hold tighter, crush that restless spark until it submits to her will—

...she does not think she is going to do that, actually??? That seems bad???

She 'lets go' instead, and returns her focus to the other thing. This has been a worrying interlude.


Muffled moans and whimpering continue to emit faintly from Scyelen's goo-covered mouth.


Gosh she's really cute. So cute. Exceptionally cute.


...Scintilla is tempted to try the thing again.

Is she tempted to try it again because she's discovering some unexpected things about herself, or because her powers have some sort of underlying urge to possess people? Is there even a difference? What if Scyelen doesn't want to be her experimental subject for this particular application of her powers? Scyelen sure seems like she likes being an experimental subject, conceptually as well as practically, but it's kind of hard to know for sure.


...maybe she'll give it one more try and then postpone further attempts until they have had an actual conversation about the extent of Scyelen's consent to participate in powers testing.


She moves more confidently this time, and the power lands with more force, less of a prompt and more of an emphatic suggestion. She's still not going to fight if Scyelen blocks her, though. That definitely seems like it would be going too far.


The resistance is the same as before. It isn't much resistance. It doesn't take a fight to overcome it.



Oh. Oh that's fascinating. Oh that's—

There's a strong sense of this creature is mine, when she looks at Scintilla's lifeforce, and a hint of a marbled red-black shadow overlaying it—not changing anything, just... enfolding, enclosing, marking.

But—it almost looks like—


She tests it on her creatures first, back in the cavern. They don't regenerate rapidly by default but she can heal them, if she pushes on that connection just right. It wasn't obvious until she saw it from this perspective; the connection is similar, but Scyelen isn't a part of herself the same way, and healing your belongings is apparently a more natural and obvious action than healing your body parts.

Ever so carefully, she finds a lingering hint of damage in Scyelen's lungs from her brief adventure with decompression, and...

...heals it.

It's almost frighteningly simple. The new cells link into her soul just the same as naturally produced ones.

Okay, one more question to answer before she proceeds: just to make sure she can, she lets go. The shadow on Scyelen's lifeforce fades, and there are no discernible aftereffects, at least not ones discernible to Scintilla.


The Scintilla outside the vehicle says, "I've been figuring out my powers and I think I might have a way to resurrect Samantha. Or at least I'm pretty sure I can fix her body and since her soul hasn't let go of it yet that'll probably bring her back. I figured I should ask before trying it, though."


Earth has fallen most of the way to the lunar horizon. Sylvia has been cruising at suborbital speed a couple miles above the surface, just in case something happens to her, so the goo vehicle won't go shooting off into interplanetary space.

Tiny, on the lunar horizon ahead of them, is the glint of something artificial.

"If you're sure it won't affect her soul directly, it can hardly make things worse," Sylvia opines.



She sends one of her to sit by Samantha's body, and—takes her.

There's absolutely no resistance at all.

She pours life into the girl's unmoving form. New flesh grows in place of what was damaged or lost. It takes about half a minute to go from crumpled ruin to full health.


Samantha's eyes fly open. She gasps, but it is very reserved. She glances down, sees herself intact and naked, and a simple gray dress materializes on her small body.

The sight of their differently-fleshy, quietly crowded surroundings, leaves her somewhat taken aback, though.

"Are we free?" she asks simply.


"Yeah. Hi. The experiment killed you but then we got out and I figured out how to fix your body before your soul let go of it."

Speaking of which, she detaches her invisible grip. Owning people like that is so weird. Except when they're Scyelen.


Scyelen is doing what Scintilla wants and right now that is having orgasms under a pile of goo.


This has been noticed, and politely ignored, or less-politely ignored.

Samantha blinks at the sight, and also elects to politely ignore it.


Sylvia adjusts her spells and begins to decelerate.

"Did it work?"

The megafactory complex is now visible in the distance. A gargantuan dome is the centerpiece, surrounded by three smaller domes, all sunk into craters, surrounded by solar panels and machinery. The shining white launch rail extends out to the west, vanishing over the horizon.


When they start decelerating, Scintilla stops playing with her Scyelen and goes back to just snuggling her instead.

"Yeah," she says to Sylvia. "She's awake now."


Whimper moan melty snuggle. Mmmmm.


"Perhaps we will not have to acquire a sufficiently powerful healer elsewhere, then," Sylvia says, allowing herself an optimistic smile.


Scintilla smiles tentatively back.

(And pets her Scyelen. What a good Scyelen she has.)


The goo sphere comes to rest above the lip of the eastern dome-crater. Inside, it looks like parks and houses surrounded by two rings of apartment blocks.

"If you can burrow down from here, there should be a dead-end tunnel with its own airlock, beneath us, that you can attach to," Sylvia says, slowly lowering them to the lunar dust. "We should be undisturbed, there, while you heal everyone."


She nods, and passes a few tunneler eggs through the vehicle's shell onto the lunar surface, surrounding them in their own little goo enclosure because otherwise they will hatch into vacuum and die.

Burrowing down goes pretty quick.


And there is indeed a dead-end tunnel section, with a bare airlock at one end she can attach her goovironment to. If she can get the airlock open, its clean, lit, and pressurized on the other side, with a couple of pallets of spare part crates stacked against one wall.


Down they go!

She... cannot really restore the surface to its original appearance, but she can plug the hole with goo-rock once the sphere is down and settled. And it doesn't need to be a very wide tunnel because she can reshape the sphere's walls pretty freely.

"Okay," she says, when everything's settled down at the bottom. "I can fix death now as long as your soul is still hanging onto your body, so I should be able to get all the dead stuff cleared out of everybody and fix anyone who explodes."

Any volunteers leaping to try it after this somewhat lukewarm pitch?


Quakestrider. Her bulging stomach is starting to turn purple and black and sickly-looking. "Me, please."


"Okay. Uh—let's get you separated from everyone else in case of gross outcomes—"

With a swish of goo, she creates an... operating room, she supposes... on the far side of the sphere from the airlock. She has no idea how to open the airlock, but someone else can presumably deal with that if people want to move into the nice tunnel. Meanwhile, her four-dimensional goo huddles up to Quakestrider and starts nibbling away at the dead horrorflesh, working quickly but very carefully from the ?top? ?down? and supporting it where necessary to try to stop it from collapsing mid-removal. It quickly becomes obvious that regardless of her initial intentions, she's going to have to claim Quakestrider and heal her if she wants this to be survivable.

Technically she could just kill her horribly and then bring her back from the dead immediately afterward, but at this point claiming her seems like the less sketchy option. She just hopes the pain covers for whatever sensation the claiming causes on the target side. Scyelen hasn't said anything about it, so it can't be that obvious, right?


Quakestrider chokes on an agonized sob. It hurts, but when it's over, she goes limp, panting for breath, and she's laughing just a little. She sits up, and materializes a set of jeans and a vest, running her hands over her flat abs gratefully.

Casey the Brave Alloy is obviously next. She doesn't speak up immediately on her own behalf, but she looks like she's half dead already.

When she's healed, she calls out her aria with relish, then goes to work on the airlock doors in her cyberpunk-looking raiment. It doesn't take her more than a minute to get through the doors, and most of that was making sure it wouldn't set off an alarm.


It's nice to be helpful. She can get through everyone else in the order in which they volunteer.

(She unclaims them as soon as they don't need healing anymore. Having people claimed still feels weird.)

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