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Oct 26, 2020 3:18 AM
Lynne in Veilfall
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Tiny, sad smile.

"I feel like, I was waiting my whole life for something like that to happen to me. I didn't know I was, but I was."


"I feel..." She sighs. "I don't know. It's complicated."

But... maybe goo snuggles would be okay after all.



Goo snuggles would be extremely okay, and also hot.


The goo snuggles up. Sort of tentatively.

"I'm... I was... not a very happy person, when I met my patron and she convinced me to be a magical girl. And then I spent a week still not being a very happy person but sort of adjusting to the idea that I might end up doing something meaningful with my life. And then this. And now... well, I guess I have done something meaningful with my life...? And... it's... it was... it was awful but I think it was awful in mostly exactly the ways I like. Or maybe I didn't like awful things before but I do now. And I really don't know how to feel about any of it. Except that I'm glad I managed to rescue everybody." A pause, a hint of a blush— "And I want you to have nice things."


Scyelen melts in a very encouraging sort of way. Being touched is just Good, no caveats, terms, or conditions. That might've been more ambiguous, before, but after all that's happened? Clear as crystal.

Being touched by someone who 'wants her to have nice things' is separately awesome, and now she's blushing.


"I... don't think it makes sense to talk about liking awful things? If it's awful, you don't like it. If you like it, it's not awful. If there's some other way for awful to work... well, aren't, like literally all the problems because what is and isn't awful is different for different people?"


"I think you can like and not like something at the same time. Or, I can. And have done a lot of that in the last two years."


"I suppose," Scyelen says doubtfully.

Wiggle. She can wiggle. The goo should squeeze her more.

"I think you can, not like that you like something?" Scyelen offers. "Um, like, I barely've had sex, before all this, not because I didn't want to, but because I... well, in retrospect, because it was awful for me when someone I was dating... tried to respect the boundaries I apparently don't even have? I'd hear about 'awful' things happening to other girls, and I'd feel jealous. And it is awful, feeling like good people would hate me if they knew what I was feeling. But it isn't even slightly awful that I got raped by monsters for months, because... my feelings about it can't hurt anyone by being insufficiently awful, and my feelings are the only place awful can live."


"That makes sense. I... It was awful for me in different ways than that. I don't... I don't think I'm going to retire, now, but for a while I wanted to."

(The goo snuggles closer, cradling them both.)

"I think... there's things about what happened that are going to keep hurting me for a long time. Even though I liked it. And that... liking it doesn't mean it didn't hurt me, and being hurt doesn't mean I didn't like it."


"I guess that makes sense."

It's actually relatable, in a way.

"I... I'm not the same, as I was, either. I could, handle, real life, before, and I don't think I can now. I'm trying not to think about it, but I doubt I'm going to be able to stop myself from... endlessly pining to the exclusion of all else for a new place where I can simply exist as a thing to be fucked."


"I guess the difference is, that's who I want to be. That's who I've always wanted to be, who I've never had the courage to try to be. If I had, like, actual goals, in life, I think I'd feel the way you do?"

Permalink snuggles. Goo snuggles seem like the appropriate response here.

"I don't even really have... ambitions, like, as a person, I just... don't seem to be able to..." She sighs, trying and failing to find the right words, and absently pets Scyelen's hair. "Like - there's so much important shit to get done and I've got - maybe not the best tools to do it with but different ones from anyone else, now - and I can't just not? Normally I would be curling up in a corner and crying for days but instead, this. Because things are important."


Mmm, goo snuggles and petting. Shiver.

"Important things are such a drag," she snarks softly. "If you want to cry for days, you should, even if I don't quite know what you'd be crying about...."

Or maybe she does know.

"I don't think I mean ambitions, exactly. I mean, the shape of the parts of who you are that rub against the world around you, which... have been eroded into a new shape for both of us, by what we experienced. I... approve of the result, even if it's going to make my life harder, but you... don't."

Pause, and a tiny smile.

"I understand seeing a problem, knowing you can do something about it, and just having to do the thing, 'cause it would just be distressing for the problem to continue to exist when you know how to solve it, though."


She smiles a little. "Yeah, exactly." Pet pet. "You get it."


Eee. She gets someone's thing! She social successfully.

"This is really nice," she says, wiggling against the embrace of goo and basking in the petting. "You could... do so many fun things with this. I should probably actually stop thinking about how many fun things you could do to me with your goo."



"I think you can think about that if you want."


"Um, you already know how I feel about... things happening to me. If you... wanted to do a thing. To me."


Aww. Awww! She's so cute! Unreasonable amounts of cuteness are happening!

"Well," she says, "but how do I know which things are most fun to do to you, if you don't tell me what you're thinking about?"


She pays closer attention to how Scyelen's body looks in her lifesense. Much, much closer attention. And she pets her some more, thoughtfully.


A moment passes. Then Scyelen stops resisting the urge to dispel her raiment. It folds out of reality (the retreating metallic c-string releases a flood of juices) and she wiggles more firmly against the goo.

"It doesn't have to be the most fun thing!" she says with a blushing smile. "That's the beauty of it. The most fun thing is being put where I'm wanted."

Her eyes go distant for a moment, and she shivers.

"The thing I liked most, I think, was... my internal experiences not mattering to them being a good thing. All the things I was scared of, at first... those fears were baseless because they treated me like an object, made me feel good things not because they wanted me to feel good but because that was just the kind of object I was. There was no point being proven or emotion being expected of me. My body was into it, so nothing else mattered. It was... freeing, the way being alone with some really good porn and plenty of time, is, except I was the porn..."

Where was she going with this?

(Her body is still in pain, from the dead lump in her womb, but its low-key. She's very aroused, nearly on edge already.)


Scintilla snuggles her and pets her and looks very closely at her lifeforce. If she pays close enough attention, she can watch individual cells divide, individual nerve signals flash from body to brain and back. The flow of hormones, the dilation of blood vessels. She doesn't fully understand it all yet... but she could learn.

"You know," she murmurs, again with that slow thoughtful air, "I bet you could be really useful for investigating my new bullshit magic powers."

Goo presses closer against Scyelen's body, wrapping her up in a firm embrace. Everywhere, leaving just her head free so she can breathe. And—being very careful of that dead lump—Scintilla watches the pretty lights, and... pursues interesting nerve activations.


Scyelen makes an interested noise, and then the goo buries her and starts fondling her, and that is way more important than whatever she was about to say.

Is orgasm an interesting nerve activation? Because that's happening now.

There isn't much outward sign, beyond a little whimper and tremble. It's just a little one that barely counts. But it's very obvious in the life-sense. It's far less obvious, but still discernible, that the nerve-signals driving it could easily be many many orders of magnitude stronger before reaching anything like a pain threshold.


Yes, that definitely qualifies as interesting! But you know, it's not really science until you replicate your results.


Those results are so, so, so replicable.

Scyelen, apparently, has a hair-trigger and no detectable recovery time. (The implications for her experience at the mercy of the horrors maybe explains some things, if not others.)


Gosh. What a way to be.

Scintilla investigates the effects of assorted possible goo behaviours on Scyelen's nervous system. It's honestly fascinating in its own right even if it weren't also really fun to be holding someone in her lap and making them come like a dozen times in a row.


At least a dozen times.

When she's less on edge, she, tautologically, takes longer to cum of course, but it takes barely any stimulation to keep her going, even the lightest, slowest touches eventually make her cum again; there just don't seem to be stimulation levels low enough to find a real plateau. But she isn't sensitive either; fast, hard stimulation has her eyes rolling up in bliss as she cascades from one orgasm right into the next, but it doesn't overwhelm her at any level where remaining discreet in front of the other passengers is remotely plausible.

The band of intensity in which she is genuinely multi-orgasmic is quite narrow, however. Below, the stimulation isn't enough to bring her off again right away, and above, the orgasm is satisfying enough that it winds her down enough for a gap to form. Maybe there's a second, higher island of stability? But reaching it without being rude to everyone else is probably impossible.


She will refrain from being rude. Even though she's terribly curious. Instead she experiments to find the shape of the multi-orgasmic intensity band.


Scintilla is cheating really hard and can find it easily.

Scyelen is lost in ahegao land, and accordingly completely forgets how to keep herself quiet, so Scintilla should probably do something about that herself. (It isn't like anything could be claustrophobic after the fleshspire worm things, and Scyelen was getting off on even that. She may be something of a claustrophile.)

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