A Harmonizer alt finds herself thrust into adventure in Rpgkitten's Chroana setting. Other characters to be discovered as the plot demands.

Sandra wakes up to someone knocking on her room. Sandara's senses don't stop at the door, so she can see that it's her adopted mama Tachea.

She is correct, as Tachea's voice comes ringing through. "Sandara, you've got a visitor, one of the priest from the local Priodine temple!

"One minute, I've got to get dressed." She actually only takes a minute, which is impressive given that there isn't much order in her room, it's no pig sty, but things are piled up rather than all in neatly organized places. She moves with great speed and deftness, being bonded with an artifact has its perks.

It's time for her to meet the priest.

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Airaradon was a patient Solossin, waiting longer would have been fine for him. But upon seeing her come out he stood from where he had been sitting immediately, however slowly. "You must be Sssandara. I am Airaradon, an acolyte of Priodine." He spoke slowly and with a hiss. It was from an accent of a Solossin culture, slight, but apparent.

His clawed hand went to his chest and he bowed his head in greetings. "I have been given a vision from Priodine of a girl running from home. Sssomething appeared to be wrong and she fled. What is a myssstery to us and mysteries are to be sssolved. I am here, Sssandara, because you too where in this vision." He paused and let that sink in. "You appeared to be helping the girl, I believe you are meant to come with me and find her."

He then moved his hand to his head and scratched pensively. "There was alssso something else, a feeling of chaotic energy. We may be able to track it to find her." He paused again, for longer this time.

Then he pushed up his shoulders in almost a shrug. "Will you come with me? Priodine wills it, but he is not a forceful god. But I believe it will lead to be for your bessst, and the girl's." He then stared her in the eye in an unblinking fashion, waiting for her response.


Sandra grimaces. "I usually try to let the gods do their thing, and I do mine." She doesn't like the idea of existing for another person's, god or not, goals. But at least Priodine's goals seemed in alignment with Sandra's own. "Do you know if she's in any danger?"


Airaradon scratched his head again and began to slightly turn a more greenish color. "That chaotic energy I felt will attract others, others whossse intentions won't be like ours."

The Solossin puffed air out of his nostrils in a sigh like manner, then slowly he spoke again. "I also know she fled her home town for some reason already. I got the feeling she was in trouble, otherwise I would not care to leave my own home myself. I'm not an adventurer either you see, but I do want to do what I feel is right. I just believe I will need your help, gods or no gods, I ask for the girl's sake."

Airaradon hoped his convincing would be enough. He felt her attendance was greatly important, more urgent than anything else he had ever felt.  


She frowns, "Yeah, I'm living proof that chaos isn't evil, but I also know that people who seek chaos don't always have the best interests of others in mind."S

Sighing and shifting her balance, "Just know that if she doesn't want to go home, I'm not making her, unless there's a very good reason to do so. I know runaways, making her go home isn't likely to work. But I'll go, for her."


Airaradon's face did what could mostly likely be described as a smile. "Wonderful, thank you." He then turned to leave. "I will meet you at the temple stables, yes?"

Once hearing her compliance he would head out to the temple.


"Yes, that will be fine, I'll see you in a ten minutes." she says.

Once he's gone, she turn to her mother. "I'll need supplies, I know that you've some adventuring equipment for me stashed away somewhere." Her mother is a master blacksmith, of course she has equipment stowed away, Sandra doesn't even need magic senses to determine that.

Tachea laughs breezily. "Yes, indeed, I've got a pack for you setup already, adventure is in your bones." Like your birth mother, goes unsaid, but Sandra picks up on it anyway.

She packs up some essentials; rations, rope, her cloak, boots, a thick leather vest. Her mother brings her some assorted metal tools, a pair of quality knives and some climbing equipment. She stuffs everything into a backpack and heads to the temple stables.


Upon arrival Sandara could see that the "stables" were more like a large corral full of different beasts. Temples of Priodine often have fields of study as priests function as scholars and researchers of knowledge. This particular temple interests were in beasts of burden.


Airaradon was loading a large riding lizard. It looked to be around 30 feet long from head to tail. It had a double saddle attached to it. Once he saw Sandara he waved over to her. He waited for her to get closer.


“Ready to go?” As before he spoke slowly and with pauses that were only short enough to show he meant to continue speaking. “This is Jankeri, he’ll be able to allow us to close the disstance between us and the girl.” He then scratched the side of his head with his claws. “Curiously in the vision I saw her walking while a Xantheni trotted beside her. That’s not very smart of her I am sad to say. Very Sssurprising and odd. Is that of a cultural action, do you know?”


While waiting for a response he leapt up onto the front saddle with unexpected agility. He then offered her a hand up onto the giant lizard.


"I'm good to go." She says cheerily. "Wait, she's with a Xantheni?" She frowns, "No cultural context I know of... That is concerning."

Sandra takes the hand, and lets Airaradon pull her up. She settles into her portion of the saddle and feels the pull of the muscles in the beast's body with all of her magical senses. She feels the life that courses through it's cold-blooded veins. It joins the song that only she can see, the beautiful colors of harmony. It reminds her of why she has to do this, life is precious, and this girl's could be endangered.


"Indeed." He huffed and then hissed something in his native tongue. The beast beneath them sprang into action and began running as lizards do, at quite a speed. Though the ride itself actually felt quite smooth, on the saddle slightly glowing runes became apparent. The saddle seemed to keep itself steady while the Lizard lurched about.

"After the war, Xantheni became more of beasts of prize. Or of game such as Joussst. They belong to the rich as of normal, it surprises me she has one. They're not typical Equidae, they're quite a sight. Could bring a lot of attention, that isss not good for her. This whole thing bears an oddnesssss to me."

Airaradon then pulled a tome from his bag. He offered it to her from over his shoulder. It had a single word on the cover, 'Akash' a foreign language but Sandra recognized the word from her old life. The word meant Chaos, in the context of wild and dangerous. One of her old crew-mates liked to call her that for a nickname.

"This was in our library, no one in the temple knows who the author is or how we obtained it. But my friend." He paused after saying friend as is common in Solossin culture, it's to give the name more meaning and not to be glossed over. "Found the ritual of finding large concentrations of chaotic energy in the first part of that tome. As a Dema-human you may have better luck with it than I. Perhaps you could read up on it and we could try it once we make a stop. For I now I've headed us towards the foresssst of Tairasin, as I had seen it in the vision. This sound good?"


"Oddness and Chaos are old bedfellows, where you find one the other is often not far behind."

She grimaces as she catches the title of the book. They weren't really her crew-mates, they were there mostly by their own free will, she had not been. She'd only been called Chaos by one of them, the only one who had really ever cared about her (her mother never had). She'd always feared that her mother might catch wind of the nickname and punish her, she really didn't want her mother to think that she was out of control. Her mother did not like things out of control.

"Thank you." She says with feeling. The magic of her bonded artifact already gives her sensory abilities, so the ritual should be especially easy for her. 



The book itself also looked to be in a foreign language, but it's translated version was written underneath the original text. Reading some of it showed that the ritual did look easy enough, for her. In the book it says that a caster may have to enhance their normal senses in other ways before the ritual for it to succeed. The key is to feel a connection with the things around you, something Sandara already has. Other than that it was quite vague in the requirements of the caster.

Normally a spell book would describe what kind of knowledge and spell experience is needed in order to try to correctly cast the spell in question. This book seems to be disorderly and less informative.

"I should have everything we need for the ritual." Airaradon remarked while they rode. "I would say it is quite fortunate of us to have that book. As you can see though, it hasn't been fully translated yet." It was true, after the first chapter and a half, the translated part stopped.

After the ritual the book talked about there another layer to the world other than just what the average person can see. In this part it actually was fairly detailed in there being more life all around than what could be seen or felt.


They went on for a while until it was time to make camp. Airaradon picked a nice spot a little ways from the main road. He then hopped off the mount and stretched. Soon it would be night and without the warmth of the sun her Solossin companion would lose all energy. Even now he had already become less talkative.


She'll spend her time reading through the book, especially about that other layer. That seemed interesting. She wonders just what that means for her, is that what her own senses actually see? The life unseen? Or is that something that is beyond even her?

She'll keep going over the ritual until she feels like she knows it. Her mind on the girl, hoping that she'll be ok.


Sandra rolls off the mount. Seeing the diminished levels of energy from her companion, she suggests.

"Let me make camp, get some rest. I have enough energy for three normal people, my Mama says."


As Sandara slept she had a very real feeling dream. It was of a girl around her age walking through night. Next to the girl was an incredibly large and muscled white horse with six legs. It had monochromatic blue eyes along with blue hooves and rune-like markings on it's face. It trotted next to her pulling a wagon. The girl herself looked sad, and then every once in while she would look like she was going to stop walking for a moment. But instead an odd blur would come around her for just a moment and then she instantly continued walking.


The dream went on throughout the night, just watching this girl, unable to do anything else.There were more episode of blurriness but she never stopped walking. After many of the times she had the blurriness around her, tears had appeared and it was obvious she had been crying. She didn’t look overly tired though, despite having never seen her take a rest.


During this dream Sandara was able to see that this girl was walking toward the fullest of the three moons, Prolawn’s Fist. More to the west of where her and Airaradon had been going. There was also a large forest off in the distance to the North East of the girl. Not much else could be seen but what looks to be a village far off behind her.



By the time Sandara woke up, Airaradon looked to have packed up all of his things and was now eating some kind of meat. “Good morning.” He said to her in his typically slow fashion after finishing a bite. He then pointed over to something that was wrapped up in a cloth. “You slept so well. I was able to cook some breakfast. After you eat, perhaps we can try that ritual.” He was more eager than he appeared for it, but he hid it well.


Sandra wakes up from her dream. As she's eating breakfast Sandra'll bring up the dream. "I think I dreamed of the girl that we're looking for. She was walking with a six legged white horse, is that  what a Xantheni looks like?"

"It was an odd dream, whenever it looks like she's about to stop walking, she goes blurry and starts walking again. During the blurriness, it looks like she's crying. I think she's not sleeping either, and she was walking towards Prolawn's Fist. I think she she stopped by a village as well, so we may be able to get information on where she went there." Sandra says with concern.

"I'm very anxious to try the ritual, there's something bad going on here."


Airaragon just looked at her for a moment, stunned by what she was saying. But then he quickly moved over to his things and rummaged through them until he pulled out a large scroll case. He took out a large piece of parchment from it and brought it over to here hurriedly. All through this he began to turn a darker green.

In his hands was a map of the area. "Priodine be praised." He said before he pointed to what looked like a forest. "Now, I sssaw this near her in my vision. Moving through the night meansss the area is widened. Sso she could be anywhere along this rough area." He moved his hand in a circle around the forest. "Now you say she moved towards Prolawn's fist. Which would be West North of us, and we're here." He pointed to a spot on the map that was south west of the forest. "This meansss that to go toward the moon while not being heading through forest puts her along here." He motioned a L shape bubble around a part of the forest.

Airaragon seemed quite excited for this, as hard as it was to tell if a Solossin was excited or not. "There is village you say. And she is going away from it toward Prolawn's Fist?" He asks rhetorically. He then points at three small dots on the map inside the bubble he had traced. "These are villages. If she near them, then we catch up with her very much soon on Jankeri. It good news she this side of forest." He then stared at the paper for a moment trying to figure out where exactly she could be.

From where Sandara saw the forest in relation to where she saw the village and the moon all on this map, it wasn't hard to figure out an approximation of where she had to be and where she would be in a few days time if she kept towards the same direction.


"Then lets calculate her position and get going. I want to catch up with her as soon as possible. Should we still cast the ritual, just in case?" 


Airaradon continued to stare at the map for another long moment. Then he shook his head. "No, take too long, let's get to this closest village first. If she had been there then we would not need it I think." He then rolled up the map and put it away. He then tried to clean up the rest of the camp as quickly as possible.

After it was all clear he hopped on his mount and offered her a hand. "I know not why Priodine gave you vision over me, but happy I am all much the same. Surprising it is though, we are not in a temple nor was any ceremony done. This must be very important to him to force message without a channel."

A message from a god was like an object floating on water. If you directed the flow of water to a specific point, you could control where the object ends up. Without having a channel or an outside force pushing the object/message, it doesn't go anywhere. In this case the sender of the message had to do a lot more than just send the message on it's way. In layman terms, they had to get their hands dirty. That's not typical for a god unless it's a big deal it get done. 


"I don't know. I'm not used to things like this. No offense, but I try to stay out of the business of the gods'." Sandra did like Airaradon, but he's still a priest, and Sandra doesn't do well with gods. She wants the freedom to do what she wants, believe what she wants, and not have to fit some higher power's plans to get what they want.

"I honestly just want to do the right thing here, once Priodine is done with me, I'll go back and try to scrap whatever freedom I can out of this world.


Airaradon didn't respond to that in any manner and his reptilian face was unreadable. Instead he just helped her up on the mount and commanded the beast forward.

The time passed in silence until a town came into view up ahead. "It is a small town. It should be easy to learn if she had been there or not. More information will be good." There was then a pause before he said. "And Sandara, I'm glad you're wanting to do the right thing, helps a lot. You are good person."


"Thank you, I try to be. I'm glad you're here too, you obviously care a lot about people you've never met. I think you are good too."

Once in town, Sandra will try extending her senses, see if she can find anything out about where the girl went.


The town itself was small and had a rustic feel to it. Coming in they got several looks from the few people milling about, making it obvious that they didn't often get visitors, or few enough that a Solossin and his mount would get odd looks. They weren't hostile looks, most just seemed curious, some friendly.


However Sandara senses showed her something odd. Chaotic energy seemed to be flowing into her pack. The book Airaradon had handed her now seemed to be absorbing chaotic energy that was present in this area. Though there was slight chaotic energy coming from the surround area, suggesting the source had spent at least some time here. But there was only a more concentrated trail of it being drained from what looked to be a farm off in the distance.

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