Setting Auder

Audere's selfworld. Auderan, Audran, and Auren are all acceptable demonyms.

Auderan culture:
-Auderans are very friendly and will tell you straight up "I like you!" if they like you.
-Most Auderans are effectively poly by Earth standards until pairbonded and then mono thereafter, but dont actually distinguish between romantic and platonic relationships, only sexual/nonsexual and pairbonded/non pairbonded. Poly Auderans are a minority but more prevalent than on Earth.
-Auderans love doing things for you and making you happy; making you happy is one of their favorite things ever.
-Freeuse is standard in relationships between Auderans that involve sexual things. It's not considered a fetish. They do prefer to do it in private though.
-Most Auderans are some amount of nonbinary or genderfluid, but don't consider identity important in the same way as earthlings; they are happy to be whatever gender makes you happy/comfortable when around you, and in general happy to change up aspects of their gender, voice, appearance, etc for a partner or for someone they like. If you express no preferences about an Auderan's gender they will likely consider it a teeny bit of a bummer.
-Auderans highly value being correct about matters of fact, and hate certain kinds of persistent disagreement because they mean someone is persistently wrong and that is Bad. They hate "agreeing to disagree" and would never come up with that phrase; they would much rather update on each others' beliefs and discuss or argue until nobody is confused. There is no culturally acceptable religion or superstition in Auder. At the extreme, some Auderans are psychologically incapable of taking actions or making plans that involve anything that feels like predicting their future self, and instead prefer to sit in a room and do nothing but passively consume content, study, or reflexively argue.
-One of the central arguments in Auder is about the degree to which they should encourage divergent thought vs shame people for being persistently incorrect.
-Auderans LOVE coming up with, discussing, writing about, thinking about, and playing with magic systems. Auder doesn't have literary analysis as a field of study in the same way as Earth, but they sure do have a lot of books on magic system and power classification and analysis. There is not very much realistic fiction in Auder. Magicbuilding is about as common a hobby as reading fiction.
-Auderans have really awful executive functioning but none of that applies when they're doing things for each other, so they love to do things like clean each other's spaces, respond to emails for each other and otherwise act as each other's secretaries, do chores for each other, etc. Their love language is All Love Languages All The Time, and acts of service sustain a lot of their functioning.

Aesthetics and architecture:
-The default Auderan architectural style for public spaces is a cross between brutalism and Earth-religious architecture: uniform grey concrete, flat textures, high ceilings, high gothic-arched windows. There may be furniture, carpets, tapestries, paintings, and so on, but it's easy to see where they all are against the grey.
-Another popular style is uniform white instead of grey, with stained glass windows. -Many spaces are designed to feel more private than they would be on earth, with hallways people walk through separated from spaces people spend hours in. Curtains commonly divide spaces. In libraries, bookshelves are arranged to provide countless nooks. Lots of furniture is designed for multiple people to sit close to one another or cuddle on.
-Auderan food is simpler and overall worse than Earth food by Earth sensibilities. Lots of mild, sweet, simple flavors, bread-and-something or rice-and-something, almost no greens, not a great variety of cuisines.
-Auderan spaces are not particularly accessible, although Auderans are delighted to push you around/get doors for you/get things for you/etc, and most disabled Auderans don't mind the loss of autonomy as much as Earthlings would expect.
-On the other hand, hostile architecture is nonexistent.
-Auderan public bathrooms aren't gendered, and they only have stalls. It would not occur to Auderans to invent or use urinals. The stalls are quite private, and they're not particularly designed for sex (they're not spacious), but they're not socially unacceptable to have sex in. -Auderan music is very high novelty compared to Earth music, and has a decent stylistic palette but less distinct genres.
-Auderan art is meant to be skillful and pretty. Abstract/modern/minimalist art is a thing for decorating spaces, but it's not considered art the way a portrait would be.
-Auderan poetry rhymes or has a lot of carefully-arranged consonance. Free verse without rhyme or consonance of the sort common on Earth is not really considered poetry.