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Template: Anemone
Template: Angel
Template: Azhe

Imrainai's older sister. Known for poor impulse control, baby-stealing tendencies, and a habit of getting herself killed.

Template: Draconis
Template: Imrainai

Amateur storyteller and professional member of the unwashed masses. Traded her self-esteem for determination. Entirely too enthusiastic about setting herself on fire. People are full of beautiful things, and she's a person, so probably this includes her?

Template: Imrainai-like

Imrainais who lack their usual surrounding family members and who are therefore a lil bit different than the standard template instances.

Template: Jowan
Template: Naima
Template: Settings and Powers
Template: Taz

Imrainai's nephew and Ves's (usually half-)brother. Serious, responsible, fiercely loyal, trying not to make his family any more absurd than it already is.

Template: Tyris

Sees herself as the only thing standing between the forces of evil and an unsuspecting world. Willing to protect the world at any cost. Not very good at recognizing evil. Known for her weirdly flowery speech patterns; may or may not realize that she isn't in an epic poem.

Template: Ves

Imrainai's niece. Ambitious, angry, and sharp as a tack. Usually something very inconvenient. Aims to surpass her birthright and outshine everyone else in whatever world she's in.

Template: Wishbone
No Template