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Template: alouette

et les ailes! (et les ailes!)
et le cou! (et le cou!)
et le bec! (et le bec!)
et la tête! (et la tête!)

Template: apollo • eros • mercury

a system of three.

Template: Cato

valentine's long-suffering personal assistant, occasional assassin and toy. grumpy as all hell. not one for especially large amounts of bullshit outside what he has to deal with from his employer. (secretly likes it, but will never voluntarily admit this.)

Template: Dorothy
Template: Gabriel


Template: Honeysuckle Rose

When I'm taking sips from your tasty lips
Seems the honey fairly drips
You've got vision
Goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose

Template: Kazi

almost a z, but not quite.

Template: Kyou

the moon. would flirt with psychosis if he were not already in bed with it.

kyou-cluster - silent, loyal and compassionate, with a somewhat nihilistic philosophy. quick to blush. shortest hair.

kovos-cluster - laughs at strange times. believes the world belongs to pain and we are just living in it. doomsday prophet and seer. longest hair.

kova-cluster - harbinger turned horseman.

Template: Lucien

desperately wants to be valentine when he grows up. probably won't get there. young dumb and full of PLANS. the narrative's bitch.

Template: røt

artificial growing flowering life from death.

Template: Santiana
Template: Sky

has aged backwards aesthetically since his inception. he is a bad idea. bring him donuts

Template: V

starkid. from broken to whole. living childhood again. a wellspring of power.

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Template: Valentine

master of the house. eyes everywhere. scrupulous. the final boss.

Template: Y2K
Template: Z

chill adrenaline junkie masochist with low self-esteem who loves too much. pierced/tattooed/scarified. "human" but fucked up. hates where he came from. refuses to hide. borderline disaster.

No Template