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Template: apollo • eros • mercury

a system of three.

Template: Cato

valentine's long-suffering personal assistant, occasional assassin and toy. grumpy as all hell. not one for especially large amounts of bullshit outside what he has to deal with from his employer. (secretly likes it, but will never voluntarily admit this.)

Template: Deimos
Template: Gabriel


Template: Honeysuckle Rose

When I'm taking sips from your tasty lips
Seems the honey fairly drips
You've got vision
Goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose

Template: Kazi

almost a z, but not quite.

Template: Lucien

a younger, more disastrous valentine-derivative

Template: Phobos
Template: røt

self-indulgent? me? never.

Template: Sky

sadistic and needy and endlessly hungry. looking for special things. do you love him? prove it.

Template: V

starkid. from broken to whole. living childhood again. a wellspring of power.

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Template: Valentine

master of the house. eyes everywhere. scrupulous. the final boss.

Template: Z

chill adrenaline junkie masochist with low self-esteem who loves too much. pierced/tattooed/scarified. "human" but fucked up. hates where he came from. refuses to hide. borderline disaster.

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