Rotifer's Characters
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Template: Γ Bryce

Sometimes it *is* your fault, and that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't get a hug about it.

Template: Γ Kaylee

Adorable prosocial magic geek. Sometimes tempted to foolhardy mental self-modification; sometimes tempted to martyrdom of variable foolhardiness; sometimes unsettlingly good at trolley problems. She'll immanentize the eschaton with a little help from her friends.

Template: Γ Tobi

Snarky nerd who likes to fight. Very into exciting adventures and being the "good" in "epic battles between good and evil." Keeps expecting to have an experience so awful that it sours them on fighting altogether and it keeps not happening.

Template: ΓΔ Catalee

Everything Kaylee likes about herself except, crucially, the moral compass.

Template: ΓΔ Kayleefam
Template: ΓΔ Vanessa
Template: ΓΘ Bryce - Spiderbryce

Variant of the Bryce template with a sprinkling of comic-book child prodigy, an option on a nicer home life, and a tendency to become Spider-Man.

Template: ΓΘ Kingsley
Template: ΓΘ unBryce

Bryce debryced, as in "there was a girl named bryce"

Template: ΓΣ Tag

Loyal to a fault but extremely skeptical of Shenanigans. Does not want to be the protagonist.

Template: Δ Eleanor
Template: Δ Grace

Aspires to messianic forgiveness and understanding; usually winds up cheating with magic.

Template: Δ Za*

Personally disastrous domain expert who teeters charmingly between smug and panicky.

Template: Θ Batman
Template: Θ Kylo/Snape
Template: Θ Millie
Template: Θ Slaker
Template: Θ Yersinia
Template: Λ Gideon

Based on Greg House, but not faithfully enough to have the same name.

Template: Λ Giles

When a kid is the Chosen One, sometimes a Giles will be there trying his best to do right by them despite their Chosenness. Depending on who Chose them and what they were Chosen for, this may be a hollow comfort to the kid.

Template: Λ Qui-Gon
Template: Ξ Batty

Batty alts into those types of magical creatures which are absolutely not a metaphor for anything in real life because if they were they'd be an extremely problematic one. She's smart and educated and well-spoken and defensive of the right of other members of her species to be self-actualized by things you wouldn't think people could be self-actualized by.

Template: Ξ Cherub

...but if you think you've found an example of it in real life, you haven't.

Template: Ξ Salt
Template: Φ Cobalt

Very very very vile and evil and don't you dare try to tell him otherwise.

Template: ΦΦ Sybil

Believes with all her heart that if she loves somebody hard enough she can carve out everything wrong with them and replace it with goodness and light and beauty.

Template: ΦΦ Weapon
Template: Ψ 10
Template: Ψ Gnash and Oubliette
Template: ΩBTVS Buffyverse Characters
Template: ΩDW Doctor Who Miscellaneous


Template: ΩHP Harry Potter Miscellaneous


Template: ΩHP Hermione Granger

...through the ages.

Template: ΩHP Neville Longbottom

...through the ages.

Template: ΩHP Ron Weasley

...through the ages.

Template: ΩMV Marvel Characters
Template: ΩMV Spider-Friends
Template: ΩMV Spider-Man Rogues Gallery
Template: ΩPK Pokemon
Template: ΩPK Unown
Template: ΩSCP Foundationverse Characters
Template: ΩST Swamp Thing Characters
Template: ΩSW Star Wars Miscellaneous
Template: ΩTWI Twilight Characters
Template: ΩΩ Aliens
Template: ΩΩ Future Templates?
Template: ΩΩ Settings
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