Rotifer's Characters
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Template: Bryce Adjacency, The

Comprising both Bryces proper and characters who spring from, or spend sufficient time in, the same region of character-space.

Template: Coil

Charming, manipulative, unscrupulous. If he's a bad person, you see, he can do the right thing whenever he wants, but he also gets to kill people who annoy him. (No relation to the equally unscrupulous Worm character of the same name.)

Template: Eleanor

Intelligent and ambitious; works best attached to an ethics committee.

Template: Grace

Aspires to messianic forgiveness and understanding; usually winds up cheating with magic.

Template: Hermione Granger

...through the ages.

Template: Kaylee

Adorable prosocial magic geek. Sometimes tempted to foolhardy mental self-modification. She'll immanentize the eschaton with a little help from her friends.

Template: Neville Longbottom

...through the ages.

Template: Ron Weasley

...through the ages.

Template: Tag

Loyal to a fault but extremely skeptical of Shenanigans. Does not want to be the protagonist.

Template: Tobi

Snarky nerd who likes to fight. Very into exciting adventures and being the "good" in "epic battles between good and evil." Keeps expecting to have an experience so awful that it sours them on fighting altogether and it keeps not happening.

Template: Yersinia

She's smart and she's amoral and she's never quite at ease unless people are terrified of her. The easier she can scare people and the younger she picks up the knack, the more prosocial she is capable of being.

Template: Za*

Smug magic genius.

No Template