Aestrix's Characters
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Template: Adarin

Math nerd dedicated to saving the world as efficiently as possible, even at the cost of self care. One instance once accidentally married a woman against her will.

Template: Aribeth
Template: Aurene
Template: Colette
Template: Gann

Witty, well-spoken, misanthropic hermit that delights in artistic pursuits and proving how clever they are. One instance dated Sauron.

Template: Jowan
Template: Lynn
Template: Makari
Template: Nadia

A young woman who is trying her best to win the 'most adorable mad scientist' contest. All instances are good at explosions.

Template: Raezenoth
Template: Revan

Charismatic and adaptable, Revan combines affability and fidelity with unceasing pragmatism. One instance once tried to conquer the galaxy.

Template: Thrawn
Template: Veron

Usually male template that often starts out completely ordinary in a fantastical world. Handles both it and parenting admirably despite his default state being 'In over his head.' One instance fought his way out of Hell.

Template: Viandra
Template: Vincent
Template: Yvette

Organized, sensible, and responsible, Yvette despises inefficiency and wasted resources, especially mistreated human ones. One instance became a Sith Lord.

Template: Zev

Foul mouthed, short tempered, and impulsive, Zevs care deeply for the welfare of those they love. One instance once brutally murdered a woman for enforcing local law.

No Template