Antares's Characters
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Template: Kaito

Paranoid as hell. Deeply loyal to the people that have earned it. Devoted to the greater good but needs someone to smack ethics into him/her. Chaotic Neutral

Template: Kurama

Never a mere mortal, despite his arrogance he does have a heart. True Neutral

Template: Louise

The great woman behind the great man and the glue that keeps her family together. Always musically gifted. Tends to die on her family. Neutral Good

Template: Milo

Trouble on legs, sexy as hell. Tries to do the right thing but never quite manages it. Tends to develop a typically one sided attraction to Skylights. True Neutral, can slip into Neutral Evil

Template: Mimea

Lawful Good

Template: Mu

Big brother/sister extraordinaire. Highly efficient and dedicated he is always prepared. His preposterous baby sibling has eroded his ability to be surprised. Lawful Good

Template: Shaka

Would like to be an innocent bystander but always gets dragged into something ridiculous. Will do his duty without complaint.
Lawful Neutral

Template: Shion

An exquisite contradiction. Smooth and practiced in politics, adorkable in love. A competent if cynical ruler, loving spouse, disastrous parent.

Template: Skylight

A deeply caring soul that tries to do right by everyone she meets. Talented at magic, fairly reckless with her own safety. Always Good. Most likely Neutral Good or Chaotic Good. Lawful if they themselves had a hand in making the law.

Template: Valeria

One of those that have greatness thrust upon them and rise to do their duty, as honorably as possible.

Template: Yue

Always unlucky, especially in love. Horrible judge of character.

Template: Zack
No Template