Antares's Characters
Template: Kaito

Paranoid as hell. Deeply loyal to the people that have earned it. Devoted to the greater good but needs someone to smack ethics into him/her.

Template: Kurama

Never a mere mortal, despite his arrogance he does have a heart.

Template: Louise

The great woman behind the great man and the glue that keeps her family together. Always musically gifted.

Template: Milo

Trouble on legs, sexy as hell. Tries to do the right thing but never quite manages it.

Template: Mimea

Prefers to be underestimated and strike from the shadows.

Template: Mu

Big brother/sister extraordinaire. Highly efficient and dedicated he is always prepared. His preposterous baby sibling has eroded his ability to be surprised.

Template: Shaka

Would like to be an innocent bystander but always gets dragged into something ridiculous. Will do his duty without complaint.

Template: Shion

An exquisite contradiction. Smooth and practiced in politics, adorkable in love. Ruthless enough to turn his newborn daughter into a living weapon of mass destruction.

Template: Skylight

A deeply caring soul that tries to do right by everyone she meets. But crossing her especially via harming her loved ones is very, very stupid.

Template: Valeria

One of those that have greatness thrust upon them and rise to do their duty, as honorably as possible.

Template: Yue

Always unlucky, especially in love. Horrible judge of character.

Template: Zack
No Template