Fallowsthorn's Characters
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Template: Ahj

Template attractors: a quadrupedal form, some affinity with cats, amputated right hind leg at the knee or hip, being a distrusted minority, no strong parental or sibling ties, curiosity, intelligence, a somewhat naïve willingness to trust people at face value, and a vague subconscious sense of guilt connected to being a "burden" on their community.

Template: Cat

Template attractors: being human, some variation of the name "Katherine Landings," stubbornness, fierce optimism of the "everyone is going to live, gdi" variety, a lack of emotional attachment to close family (parents, spouse, child(ren), siblings, etc) and guilt over same, a sort of visceral horror at the idea of caring for children if she has any previous experience, lots of swearing, a somewhat cavalier attitude, no natural disgust response at bodies, body parts, or dead things, and a chronic tendency to stick her nose into everything and try and help everybody.

Template: Empress
Template: Hero
Template: Mab
No Template