Sonata's Characters
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Template: Ahrotahn

OC adventure game protagonist, originally from Myst Online: Uru Live.

Template: Kat

An honest troll.

She's neither deceptive nor cruel... but she will go considerably out of her way to fuck with you. Her sense of humor tends toward the double take, the subtly absurd.

Her aesthetic tastes run to the labyrinthine and baroque, unnecessary complexity that almost passes for necessary. Not that she would ever let that interfere with her work, of course. She has standards.

Template: Lilith

Tends to make big dramatic decisions that she almost immediately comes to regret.

Template: Mother Starlight

NPC. Runs and/or constitutes a wide-ranging communications network; strongly favors a neutral and nonaggressive stance in the interests of not inciting ruling powers into censoring access to her, but is very serious about defending her network against threats. The template prefers to instantiate as a goddess.

Template: Rarity

Originally from MLP:FIM. A social climber with an embarrassingly socially-lower-class background and an overtaxed loyalty to her younger sister who has absolutely no sense of decorum.

Template: Rosemary
No Template