Zmavli's Characters
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Template: Beatrixes

Hungry for knowledge. Greatly prefers to be left alone. Protective of personal spaces. Tries not to draw attention to herself.

Template: Bronze Orchard People
Template: Cheliaxians

Assorted NPC Cheliaxians.

Template: Conrads

Power-hungry. Reverent towards strength, in all its forms. Rather competitive and bloodthirsty. Disprefers political games and lying, preferring "honest" tests. Obsessed with everything military. Uses intimidation freely, but can't exactly turn it off. Unintentionally frightening, even if he doesn't want to be.

Template: Damians

Rather lazy. Easy-going. Takes the path of least resistance. Disprefers conflict. Very superficially charming. Eye for aesthetics. Desires luxury.

Template: Darius
Template: Eliases
Template: Felicias
Template: Lucias

Very agreeable. Dislikes any conflict. Perceptive. Good at running away. Somewhat anxious. Understanding. Can break off relations suddenly and completely.

Template: Magnuses
Template: Marina
Template: Rendons
No Template