Guilty's Characters
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Template: Aeva
Template: Aida
Template: Alain
Template: Alex

Alex Manes from Roswell New Mexico.

I am weak for disaster gays.

Template: Anesidora
Template: Angelique
Template: Arla
Template: Artagel
Template: Atlas
Template: Avarice
Template: Chained Martyr
Template: Chasya

Lebbick's wife.

Template: 'Chelle
Template: 'Chelledad
Template: Circe
Template: Crane
Template: Deazual
Template: Drex
Template: Envy
Template: Epimetheus
Template: EquiliTam
Template: Eris
Template: Escher
Template: Esch/Raef
Template: Gluttony
Template: Hackett

Admiral Steve Hackett, formally of UNC. Now exists in Guiltybrain because he wants to adopt ALL THE IRAS

Template: Hargreeves
Template: Henri
Template: Iris
Template: Isobel

Roswell. Disaster Alien. I'm weak.

Template: Izabella
Template: Jay
Template: Jericho
Template: Jezebel
Template: Jim
Template: Jocelyn Costigan
Template: Jossdad
Template: Joy

Clone of Pride, exists because Pride alts as Miranda Lawson, Joy's original instance was Oriana Lawson

Template: Kado
Template: Kaiser
Template: Lainey
Template: Landon Sharpe
Template: LanMum
Template: Lebbick

Castellan Lebbick from Mordant's need. Slightly altered.

Template: Lotta

Blame Anya. Gluttony's mum.

Template: Lust
Template: Mabli
Template: Masque
Template: Max

Roswell. Disaster alien. Trying his hardest, normally messing up. I continue to be weak.

Template: Michael

Michael Guerin from Roswell New Mexico.

I am really weak for disaster gays. Especially ones who are also disaster aliens.

Template: Mirage
Template: Mu

Normally comes with hella crazy pain inducing powers. Is a sadist.

Template: Murevo
Template: Nastya
Template: Nero
Template: Non-Humans

Variety of pets that are a little more than just animals.

Template: Nova
Template: novasmol
Template: NPC

May yet become templates.

Template: Nyx
Template: Penhaligon

Very isolated, runaway, post-apocalyptic wasteland survivor

Template: Pride
Template: Prometheus
Template: Raef
Template: Raeli
Template: Raizer

Brother to Katarina.

Template: Rami
Template: Reine
Template: Rex
Template: Rho
Template: Rita

Make My Monster Grow

Template: Roswell Set
Template: Set Pieces
Template: She Who Conquered Death

Why yes, this is a very long template name, but Xiaolian insisted.

AKA: Bride of Death, Empress, Mao Xiaolian from East of West.

Template: Sloth

One of the Sins

Template: Talia
Template: Tamaris
Template: Tantalus
Template: Tau

Military trained, normally working for a mega-corp fixing problems.

Template: Teo
Template: Terisa Morgan
Template: The Beast

(of the Apocalypse)

Template: The Thief
Template: Trap
Template: Wrath
No Template