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The not-quite-hero not-quite-extrovert. Goes out and does things for the feel of the wind on their face, metaphorical when not actual. Willing to do things for others, but won’t necessarily be the well-thought-out thing, and his patience is not infinite — but he won't run away from a problem no one else is in a position to handle.

Template: Kaitlyn

Her calling is helping people by making sure they have the information (reference, news, communications, …) to live their lives as best they can. Creates/maintains/administrates/is some type of communications system. Skilled at computer programming, security, and radio communications where applicable.

Has all sorts of miscellaneous facts, or at least “I heard something about that, let me look it up…”.

Socially awkward in person, better in all non-face-to-face forms of communication. Likely to be living alone but does not object to other people's presence.

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