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Template: Anders

Mage, Grey Warden, Revolutionary. Loves fiercely, fights passionately and sometimes communes with spirits of justice.

Template: Anwen
Template: Ashwin Lavellan
Template: Azry

Elf, Grey Warden. She is THE commander in this situation, thank you very much. If you have a problem with it you will have to fight her and her Snow White-esque collection of animals. Hot headed, full hearted and ready to protect those that need it most.

Template: Bambi
Template: Beth
Template: Catienne Khaar
Template: Daisy
Template: Dragon Age NPCs
Template: Eddie
Template: Eden Tabris
Template: Elezi
Template: Elgar
Template: FFX Cast

Characters from Final Fantasy X that don't have their own template.

Template: Florence Tabris
Template: Haunt

Comes from the Beyond, where she was taken to as a child. Connects to a living soul in the real world, and binds herself to them, whether it be romantic or platonic, healthy or unhealthy.
Mostly non-verbal, communicates by projecting emotions. Effectively immortal, can transmute any wound/sickness onto whoever she can see.

Template: Hiroko
Template: Illya
Template: Ivy
Template: Jaswinder Shepard
Template: Karl Thekla
Template: Kaz
Template: Kent

Kent Hawke, brother to Lora.

Template: Kieren
Template: KOTOR
Template: Kristof

Human Justice

Template: Kyniska
Template: Lora Hawke
Template: Lorie
Template: Nemesis

Blend of Azry Tabris template and the spirit of Justice

Template: Nina Zenik
Template: Oshin

Mermaid, loud mouth and all around extrovert. Dreams of drowning men and falling in love. Possibly at the same time.

Template: Pepper
Template: Romola
Template: Sten
Template: Stiofán

Based on Marvel's Steve Rogers, aka pre-serum Captain America

Template: Tadashi
Template: Thekla
Template: The Wasteland
Template: Thistle
Template: Tidus

Tidus from FFX. Loud, brash, terrible foot in mouth, but loves deeply, protective and unintentionally funny.

Template: Wildling

Wildling and alts. Original character - ambitious, power hungry, seductive and deadly. Comes with blood magic of various kinds.

Template: Wynne
Template: Yuna

Based on Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Sweet, sad, determined. Comes in doomed romance, chosen one, white mage, necromancer and beast summoner

Template: Zevran
No Template