Wizard of Woah!'s Characters
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Template: Alan

A young, often agoraphobic young boy, usually possessing invention related skills, while often being artificial in nature.

Template: Angie the Wolf-Girl

A usually somewhat feral girl-child, usually possessing some kind of animal based shapeshifting, always accompanied by her cousin Joey.

Template: Batman (a little girl)
Template: Brock
Template: Corundum

A green haired Roamer with the humble power of converting water into what his friend Simone calls degenerate electron matter which he can control telekinetically. He calls it endurium. Guess what term most people use.

Template: Danny
Template: Eric

Ira's surprisingly less sociopathic best friend, though not quite empathic enough to mind the whole sociopath thing to begin with.

Template: Evan

Saneish, rather technical

Template: Ezekiel

Twin brother of Tabithas everywhere, and generally the less...enthusiastic sibling.

Template: Hannah
Template: Joey the Wolf-Boy
Template: Martin

A dutiful son--always

Template: Maurice

Colourful, arty personification of niceness.

Template: Michael

A half-human creature usually associated with the sea.

Template: Moira

One of a kind

Template: Paul of Everywhere

All purpose deadpan snarker child.

Template: Stan

Harmless Wannabe bad thing

Template: Tabitha

A somewhat terrifying young girl, generally superhuman in some form or another, twin sister of Ezekiels everywhere.

Template: Zaneta

All powerful and very broody.

No Template