Kappa's Characters
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Group: Eights/Chainsaw
Template: Chainsaw
Template: Eights
Group: Moriarty Girls
Template: Chris
Template: James
Group: Barrayarans
Template: Aaron
Template: Aral
Template: Bothari
Template: Cordelia
Template: Ekaterin
Template: Ezar
Template: Ges
Template: Gregor
Template: Illyan
Template: JokerSherlock
Template: Miles
Template: Piotr
Template: Serg
Group: the Sisters
Template: Home
Template: keeper
No Template
Group: RR (Kingfisher and Rayne)
Template: Kingfisher
Template: Rayne
Group: TS (Tony and Sherlock)
Template: Sherlock
Template: Tony
Group: IV (Ike and Val)
Template: Ike
Template: Val
Group: KL (Kolya and Lazarus)
Template: Kolya
Template: Lazarus
Group: Offspring
Template: Aril
Template: Dominique
No Template
Ungrouped Characters
Template: Adjutant
Template: April
Template: Banner
Template: Cap
Template: Caridin
Template: Caryo
Template: Clariel
Template: Dagna
Template: Darcy
Template: Duane
Template: Ga*el
Template: Hall
Template: Hilary
Template: Ichabod
Template: Jni
Template: Joker
Template: Karthian
Template: Liselen
Template: Luar
Template: Lynne
Template: Maran
Template: Matilda
Template: Nimire
Template: Settings and Environments
Template: Steven
Template: StevenChainsaw
Template: Tarro
Template: Tenathayan
Template: Thor
Template: Tialle
Template: Trickster
Template: Virginia
Template: Wolverine
Template: Zeke
No Template