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The good cop/bad cop routine except it's for comforting people.

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Template: Robin

Manic pixie dream enby. Maybe if they are really, really nice now, it will make up for when one of these days they inevitably go apeshit?

Template: Robinfamily
Template: Sierra

Of course they are going down too, what did you think?

Template: The Delinquent

There is that one online quiz I do for characters, and one of the results is that your defining quality is an internal- rather than external-based self-image. The Delinquent always gets that result. I have a sneaking suspicion that's because her self-image is so external-based she won't admit it even to an online quiz.

A rebel, independently of the number of good causes available in the setting.

Template: The Negative
Template: The Protégé

Bit the bullet on "you wouldn't hold other people to the same standards you're trying to hold yourself to".

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