NormalAnomaly's Characters
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Template: Bruce Banner

Loosely based on Bruce Banner from the Marvel comics. Very loosely.

Template: Catherine Stone

A hard-boiled medic. Skeptical of unfamiliar magic.

Template: Darren Halliday

Brave, heroic, loyal, constantly wisecracking.

Template: Jennifer Walters

Very, very loosely based on Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) from Marvel comics.

Template: John Watson

Doctor, soldier, total badass.

Template: Margaret

Nerd, neophile, occasional dragon. More details as events warrant.

Template: Ms. Frizzle

Valerie Frizzle, Time Lady and elementary school teacher. Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

Template: Sherlock Holmes
Template: Tem Russell

A scholar and a gentleman and a rake. Enjoys a puzzle or a pint of ale with equal vigor.

Template: Tony Stark

Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Smart-mouthed engineer with a guilt complex.

No Template