Rockeye's Characters
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Group: Strike Witches
Template: Grendynes

Tends to get copying or mimicking magic. Strong Opinions as a kid, gets cynical when grown.

Ungrouped Characters
Template: Abyssia
Template: Benjamin

Terry's older brother. Football player, law student, general jerkface.

Template: Changeling

Someone who likes to be different personalities, different shapes.

Template: Kent Tower

Animal rights activist. Talks to animals when magic.

Template: Kronos
Template: Link

The Hero of Legend from the Zelda series of games came to life one day in Rockeye's mind, and alted from there.

Template: Misc
Template: *Mute
Template: Nick Streiss

Rockeye's first character. Snarky snark merchant. Selfish with a heart of gold. A bit of a self-reflection on the author's part. A loner. Tends to own a ship, where applicable. Highly irritated by lack of freedom, privacy, or mental sanctity.

Template: Steel
Template: Tara
Template: Terence

Terence comes in adult and teenager. Teenagers are pretty awkward. Adults are quietly confident. Both are very nerdy, most particularly about computers and electronics. If they get magic, they tend to do science to it.

Template: Various dragons
Template: Walta

Waltas tend to grow up in unfortunate circumstances. They like to tinker. They sometimes to fall into criminality, but tend to try and help the most unfortunate and looked-down-upon people as well.

No Template