Interrupted by a cheesemaker's Characters
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Template: Hisao

Template attractors:
--ends up in an unfamiliar cultural context after a personal crisis
--adopts the local cultural norms with more zeal than the locals
--misunderstandings lead aem to attempt to rescue people who don't need rescuing

Template: Narrator
Template: Tanya

Template Attractors:
--Growing up in a utopian community with no concept of nonconsensual nonconsent
--Being seduced by forbidden knowledge from the wider world
--Getting oer family in trouble

Template: Yhn

Template Attractors:
--Physically disabled
--Overcompensates with access to omnipresent surveillance
--Enjoys having a body and forcing others to service it
--And reminding them that they are helpless to resist aem even when holding aer fragile body