Aabcehmu's Characters
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Template: Grey Wanderer
Template: Gutter Creep
Template: Honey

He's a strong boy.

Template: Killing Machine

Silver Sword + Burning Wreck

Template: Mud

Me, sort of. Me, from the side. Me, with a different skin. Me, but I look like I feel. Me, sort of.

Template: Penitent Feaster

Sometimes, a universe will begin to rot. Just like when a piece of meat rots, it will attract flies, of a sort. Those flies will leave maggots, and in time, those maggots will grow into their own flies.

Template: Precious Shining
Template: Reluctant Champion
Template: Secret Stowaway

The Earth is dead. It died a long time ago. A handful of people escape, only the richest, the most important, the first in line. And then there's the Stowaway.

Template: The Ambassador

The man at your service.

Template: The Fallen One
Template: The New Adam

Born before time.

Template: The Severance

The world needs string to hold you down, but you don't need strings to push back. Cut Them Down.

Template: Unwilling Pawn
No Template