Freya's Characters
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Template: Amber

Template Attractors:
-- Having traits/opinions irreconcilable with her world's status quo
-- Getting drawn into an absurdly high-stakes Utilitarian Nightmares
-- Manipulating vastly more powerful beings (especially telepaths)
-- Getting kidnapped by such beings
-- Generally being a cosmic punching bag

Template: Children of Thanos
Template: Dett
Template: Emi
Template: GM
Template: Kosh
Template: Lee

Template Attractors:
-- Settings where you can get Magic That Is Defined By Who You Are As A Person
-- Prodigal Childhoods Followed By Psychological Deterioration
-- Chaste Romances
-- Doomed Romances
-- Fighting Until The Bitter End

Template: Leela

Template Attractors:
-- Bitter Ends

Template: Leon
Template: Monsters

Pocket Monsters, Denizens of the Monster Manual, and Highly Suspicious Crash Test Dummies go here

Template: Myra
Template: Nerys
Template: Parasen
Template: Shreya


Template: Space Dragons
No Template