Lokiru's Characters
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Template: Asa

Asas are massive trolls, and talented manipulators

Template: Chaos

Chaoses are deities who behave childishly, and commit atrocities in their childishness- either because they're extremely self-centered and happen to like, if not directly causing suffering, then taking actions that cause it, or because it makes sense in their childish sense of logic.
They're quick to fall deeply in love, but have a poor understanding of the psychology of almost everything and everyone, and those two facts combined lead to yet more problems.

Template: L

Fanatically loyal to their Chaoses

Template: Marin-Vakkor

Gods of destruction: usually amnesiac and sealed into mortal form, they have often been split into many parts

Template: Set

Usually their Asa's half or adoptive sibling, sometimes they are full siblings or other blood relatives