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Template: Adrian

Twin to Anya's Damon (TVD), is always gay, honourable, extra flirty, lives to please their parents, as men, have nerve damage in left thigh, women are very butch

Template: Ariadne

Witches/overpowered magical beings of some kind. Orphans who were mistreated within the system, ace, get adopted by a benevolent benefactor (Toni/Adrian {sometimes Katherine}) and ignore their destiny as Witch!Jesus.

Template: Bridgerton Cast

Facecasts from the show, character interpretation is a mixture of show, book, and fandom.

Template: Daniel
Template: Descendants
Template: Desdemona

Sometimes come as twin to a good girl character, are darker, like jazz music, singing, trumpet, teen pregnancy is part of the norm, as well as trauma and lots of therapy and chemical imbalance causing extreme depression.

Template: Echolls
Template: Janus
Template: Mauve Descendants
Template: Nathan-Isaac
Template: Nathan W

Nathan from Haven in various forms because he's so altable and tragic

Template: Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches

The gods and goddesses of Olympus, plus other bitchy pantheon dwellers and members of mythos

Template: Phil

Goddess of friendship originally, when human, is naive and just wants everyone to get along

Template: Potterverse

For OC's that originated in the potterverse

Template: Rosalind

The fraternal twin to Rowan's, currently only comes in the one instance.
Awkward, clumsy herbologists with 0 cool factor or confidence.

Template: Settings
Template: SG Peeps
Template: Skye/Daisy

All instances of Daisy Skye 'Quake' Johnson, Agent of Shield.

Template: Spencer

Fromm PLL, intense permanently

Template: Toni

sorella dimenticata: OG base is Mystic, is the third Salvatore sibling, they like honourable people, always men, regardless of their gender. They usually come with attached Ariadne's, are homemaking and family focused, will adopt strange children

Template: Tuwiuwok
Template: Veritas

Pretty Little Liars characters

Template: VM 'Verse

for characters from the show Veronica Mars

No Template