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Template: 1. Inaaya

if you look after truth and goodness, beauty looks after itself

Template: 2. Marlo

paladin is a support class

Template: 2. Sasha
Template: Arken

if you try hard and believe in yourself you CAN bootstrap your way to godhood

Template: Ayako
Template: Hitomi
Template: Isadore

off-brand maglor-alike

Template: Joan
Template: Leander

no one but me is gonna change my story

Template: Mordred

it turns out that when you're a crazy traumatized teenager, being a glowfic protagonist a la leareth is really hard

Template: Natalie
Template: Pathfinder
Template: Percy
Template: Q
Template: Rin
Template: Satine

May I present to you our sparkling diamond-- the unique, the indomitable, the one and only--!

Template: setting: Heaven Will Be Mine

We don't need a true ending. Whatever it is, we'll make it the true ending.

Template: setting: Ohtori

allegory, allegorier, allegoriest

Template: settings: other
Template: setting: We Know the Devil

The three worst girls since Eve

Template: Valentine

All you want in life, for the price of your soul; all the money you can fold, power that you can hold...

Template: Wilbur
Template: z. template adjacent
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