Oct 24, 2021 9:48 PM
Daily Report - Oct 24, 2021 (Incomplete)
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Complete New Induction: Tomonori
Raised like a lamb for slaughter (which is to say, maybe it'll grow up and bear wool!)
megacontinuity: scholomance 0 0 2:58 PM
New Induction: Daya
maleficers beware
megacontinuity: scholomance 0 0 2:56 PM
Comparing Notes
Ribo meets Shannon
megacontinuity: scholomance 30 21 2:28 PM
A quest of multiples
The Underground meets Exaltation
Sandboxes 202 8 2:09 PM
Has Warnings Speech of fire
Dottie lands in the middle of Brian and Jackson
Sandboxes 587 6 2:05 PM
Complete New you can't just ask people why they're white
tintin and shanghai
megacontinuity: scholomance 55 55 1:18 PM
Complete New gun at a knife fight
tintin and huang chat
megacontinuity: scholomance 49 49 1:08 PM
[mandarin] orientation conversations
approach other students! make friends! commit homicide! (it's probably a little early for that.)
megacontinuity: scholomance 53 2 1:01 PM
[mandarin] in which students arrive in their dorm rooms and make their way to orientation megacontinuity: scholomance 12 2 1:00 PM
New Induction: Tintin
he's got a gun!
megacontinuity: scholomance 0 0 12:53 PM
Complete is it true that everything's bigger in texas
caio meets camillo
megacontinuity: scholomance 27 1 12:11 PM
Complete New [mandarin] coffee and chocolate megacontinuity: scholomance 38 38 11:45 AM
[english] one kind of sonuvabitch or another
mal is looking for some weirdos for his crew
megacontinuity: scholomance 26 9 11:41 AM
recently rendered audible megacontinuity: scholomance 5 4 10:16 AM
Has Warnings a lonesome road to walk
a very tired werewolf falls on the Burial Mounds
Sandboxes 196 13 9:34 AM
Complete embrace eternity
edmund tries very hard to convince lynne not to hug the void
megacontinuity: scholomance 20 6 7:33 AM
Has Warnings trust no one, especially not yourself
lily's not sure what's worse - the eldritch abomination trying to eat reality, or her alternate timeline selves (or, heartsbloods and fuchsias in all night laundry)
Fulmination 267 104 7:19 AM
Has Warnings i hear you night after night
ellie investigates a haunted house
Fulmination 979 45 7:18 AM
shimmering under a moon made in anger and haste
darth occlus, her wife, and their adorable grandson go on an accidental road trip to find baby anakin's alt. (they were not exactly anticipating the naruto-verse.)
Fulmination 156 71 7:17 AM
the question of evil megacontinuity: scholomance 15 2 3:47 AM
New supply run (but for cool people who are not from big annoying countries)
dennis & co grab some stuff
megacontinuity: scholomance 30 30 2:55 AM
Complete put our service to the test
Lissa sells her hair to Lucy and Wilbur
megacontinuity: scholomance 48 5 2:25 AM
Has Warnings New Induction: Anastasia megacontinuity: scholomance 0 0 1:41 AM
New [english] watch your step
masozi leads a supply-room trip
megacontinuity: scholomance 107 107 1:18 AM
frequently, de profundis, we struggle ashore
Kyra takes a train and meets a Calypso
Sandboxes 219 1 1:03 AM