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In which Notebook-chan gets grilled by some girls with too much time on their hands
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It is a lot of text! But it's the best way I've found for communicating the basic promise of the powers. I don't have a name, but you can pick one, if you'd like? 


One thing at a time... 

The destinations. 

Her eyes flutter closed and she just sorta lets her hand scroll down the page - should be able to realign it neatness becomes a problem. 

Oh yeah - on names... I'm Tourm(aline). 

So like... 

Obviously the thing to do is the isekai roulette, yeah? Everything else is like, a concession to idiosyncratic preferences and shit like that. it's said to be 'likely even better' - what does that even super mean, here?

Is it like an empirical comparison or? 

How much would I even need to specify for somewhere in mind to work out? 

The real question is probably just "What's the difference between the search for the two leaving options" in a bit more generality. 

Stay 's fine to include, I guess, but just makes it a lot less fun from there. 

You're implying that mostly just need some workable form of interdimensional travel to return? Hope there's no synchronization convention and that can just be like, convenient too. 


The words drift along the pages, the responses flowing around the words and inlining neatly into place to form a less non-linear dialogue scrawled across the paper. 

Nice to meet you, Tourm! 

This is getting into parts of the Spirit's operation that I'm a bit less involved with but... 

The spirit can look at an uncountably vast array of options of possible worlds and pick out one that's the most right for you, based on your tastes and priorities amongst those options. Pretty much any consideration you could imagine goes into calculating the best option, and even if sometimes the world picked out in a surprise, it's always been what the chosen have been really looking for or wanting or wishing for, if that makes sense? 

Picking Somewhere In Mind both lets you choose something a lot more deliberately while narrowing the area of the search, it also means that the Spirit can exert significantly less optimization pressure. For some people, it's really important that they're just going to the setting that they love, without further interference, or that they're going somewhere in a more organic way that is less 'planned' by the Spirit. 

Still, Isekai Roulette is still very likely to be the best choice, unless reasons like those are very important to you! 

Most likely! It depends on the details of your story, of course, but if you're looking to go back home, the tools that you use shouldn't need to be especially comprehensive, powerful or precise in order to make that happen, unless it's somehow important for that to be the case. 


Ah ok. I think I get what you mean? I'm still not sure how much like, actually talking about desirdata helps in the isekai roulette case, but let's do that anyways 'cause think having the proference sin mind 'll be good in advance. 


The yourself perks - can you grab those alone for me to mark up? ty. 


Of course! 


These powers affect your own self and nature, without direct effects on other people. Some of them are prerequisites for powers in the later Power of Friendship section.

Glancing a bit ahead this doesn't seem that literally true? But it at least probably? indicates the general idea of them being buffs to you and your stuff rather then something optimized to work too-too externally. Could you talk to me a bit about like, the whole idea of prereqs? I get why it applies in perk chains but sometimes they get kinda loose ^^

Name: A Thousand Ships - Cost: 1
Your face is simply exquisite, an ideal of feminine beauty. There are many possible ideals of feminine beauty, and yours is whichever one speaks most deeply to your soul. Others may match your beauty in their own way, but never exceed it.

Ooh. I like this ^^ Almost certainly going into the final build. An 'ideal of feminine beauty', huh? That's nice, espec. if it's looser then just a narrow def of 'beauty'.

Name: What's In A Name - Cost: 1
Magic to divine true names will accept whatever alias you choose to think of as your true name. Magic to use your true name against you will fail.

I'm not too sure like, what the point of this perk is? Suprised it's confined to just true names - seems awfully narrow to include in this sort of thing. Something that helps w/ names and titles and stuff in more generality might be good, tho?


Yourself perks are designed around influencing you and your capabilities, whereas power of friendship ones are about your relationship to the rest of the world. They impact your story over the story of those in your orbit, or your relationship to them, and it makes the perks mean something a little different. 

Also it makes the list much neater ^^ 

I'm glad you like A Thousand Ships! It's not narrowly confined to a particularly particular definition of beauty. The selection is pretty broad too - it's just that without Hollow Leg, there's only a singular broad appearance that it grants, but you can get away with a lot of small details drifting to make you look your best under any conditions. 

What's In A Name is a particularly finnicky protection that's really important for some people. I can see about making something broader, but I'm not too sure what you're looking for? 


At a glance yeaaah I can see it ^^ 

Lemme pull up the rest of the aesthetic-y perks and stuff for notes... 

Name: Angelic Tones - Cost: 2
Your voice is supernaturally beautiful and you can sing in any vocal range.

Name: Emerald Orbs - Cost: 2
At all times, your eyes are exactly the right colour. This effect operates based on your sense of aesthetics, in-the-moment preferences, and narrative considerations. Your eyes can be ANY colour this way. Lightless black voids? Brilliant white stars? Limpid pools of endless sapphire? They will look exactly the way you'd want them to look if you were writing a self-insert fanfic about this exact moment of your life.

Name: Perfect Hair - Cost: 2
At all times, you have exactly the right hairstyle. This effect operates based on your sense of aesthetics, in-the-moment preferences, and narrative considerations. It is not limited to physically or logistically plausible hairstyles.

Name: Well Endowed - Cost: 1
You have a generous figure, whether that's a classic hourglass or more of a well-rounded look; you can choose the details. Your endowments maintain a state of perfect grace and beauty at all times, never troubling you with uncomfortable bounces or uninvited jiggles.

Name: Hollow Leg - Cost: 1
(Requires Well Endowed.)
Regardless of your diet and exercise habits, your body maintains the physique and silhouette you prefer. Lack of visible muscle never impairs your strength or endurance. As your preferences change, so will your body; you are no longer bound to the generous figure stipulated by Well Endowed.

These are the main ones, yeah? I'll throw the rest of the ones down later. 

So obviously these are good perks, yeah? They're generally attractive in terms of getting to fufill the #girlexperience, and they're shiny and exciting and very #aesthetic. Probably a version of these are going into my draft build, just 'cause they're sexy and the cuttability of this sort of thing is relatively clear.  The details are a little... weird? Like, they all come together in a sense, but the details don't seem super standardized, 'nd that bugs me a bit. 

Emerald orbs and Perfect Hair have the same 'operates'... line, but Angelic Tones isn't written w/ "At all times, your voice is exactly the right pitch and texture." So that kinda implies a qualitative differences? The supernatural beauty vs. the unsurpassable beauty... 

Good to hear that Hollow Leg works for the resta the aesthetic perks, that's... really important for us. 

Emerald eyes is super neat and self-indulgent, but the focus on the literal appearance is maybe a bit weird? idk. 

I'm gonna get into that in a sec, but for the mo... 

It'd be lovely to see some thoughts about stronger versions of these, or ones w/ different assurances?


Let me think... 

An hourglass appears, shiny purple gel flowing down the middle in droplets that almost seem wet and real along the flat page. 

Here's some ideas for those perks! 

Name: Voice of the Goddess - Cost: 2
(Requires Angelic Tones.) 
You have an incomparably beautiful voice. When exerted to its full effect, it can create deep emotional reactions even in strangers. You are the most talented person at song in any world where it is used, barring others with this power.

I think that this one has a lot of wiggle room for extra guarantees, given the features this gives. If you're looking for something more concrete...

Name: Voice of the Goddess (Req. Angelic Tones) - Cost: 2
(Requires Angelic Tones.) 
You have an unsurpassably, supernaturally beautiful voice and your voice always sounds exactly how you'd like. This effect operates based on your sense of aesthetics, in-the-moment preferences, and narrative considerations. When exerted to its full effect, it can create deep emotional reactions even in strangers, and create powerful connections of communion and communication with those who have grown closer to you and your song. You have a vast, unlimited potential in musical magic.

Name: The Fairest of them All (Req. Hollow Leg) - Cost: 3
(Requires Hollow Leg.)
Your physical beauty is an out-of-bounds error on the world. You're inhumanly perfect, beautiful beyond the dreams of sculptors or artists. Your beauty can be matched, but never exceeded. When you don't restrain your beauty, it makes people stare, dumbstruck; the evil and corrupt can be burnt by merely witnessing your physical perfection.

This one feels a little closer to the limits? The perk is mostly meant to apply to your body, but it'll integrate smoothy with the rest of your perks too! There's still a decent bit of give though, if you have something in particular you'd like to tune this towards.

Name: Emerald Orbs - Cost: 2
At all times, your eyes look exactly the way you'd want them to look, as if you were writing a self-insert fanfic about this exact moment of your life. This effect operates based on your sense of aesthetics, in-the-moment preferences, and narrative considerations, conveying the color, design, emotion and soul exactly as you'd desire.

Emerald Orbs can make your eyes *be* something exotic too! It's a bit awkward to fit into the description, though ^^. There's not too much to add to this, I think?

I wasn't able to find a good edit for Perfect Hair - if you'd really like, I can make the beauty of the hair explicitly supernatural, maybe? It's already more or less at its limits, and if you're looking for that you can get that effect from Fairest of them All.

Name: Hollow Leg - Cost: 1
(Requires Well Endowed.)
Regardless of your diet and exercise habits, your body maintains the physique and silhouette you prefer. Lack of visible muscle never impairs your strength or endurance, nor does an excess of muscle impede your flexibility or agility. As your preferences change, so will your body; you are no longer bound to the generous figure stipulated by Well Endowed.

And this is just a small one about the other side of the equation! The reassurance is a little bit more general then that, but I think you should get the idea ^^.

Feel free to take your time! I'll be here to listen for as long as you'd like. 


Her throat feels a little clogged, and her chest a lil tight. Explaining this is always.... awkward. 


Mighta noticed a slip or two - we're plural. And trans, fwiw. 

I've been hosting - being the main mind and identity that we're running with, but they'll be more 'f us pooping up. Hope that's not like, all a problem for the empowerment-y stuff? 

The thing is that like - we share memories, yeah? And we obv. share the same brain and hormonal system and whatever. There's probably some things where like, we're narratively distinct, and there's stuff that we'd wanna get up to distinguish more - goddess knows that we blur a lot when we're tired but... 

't least 'til we figure out more bodies, It'd be nice to have something that helps w/ like - making the plural life more natural 'nd the issues unobtrusive? 

Hecc, while we're wishing for the sun and stars, 't'd be nice to have it cover somethin' a little broader, like cute nicks and prefs. 


That's ok! Being also multiple people is just another way you get to be special, and it's often really nice to get to see how happy transgirls are when I can help them with their bodies.

For the perk... 

How do you feel about this? 

Name: An Idol's Identity  - Cost: 1
(Requires What's In a Name?)
People acknowledge and instinctively understand your preferred name and current identity, intuiting the continuity or lack thereof of your existence and self from any other instances of yourself that they've encountered as well as if you'd exhaustively explained every detail you are willing to share. The complexity of your identity never seriously deters people from forming relationships with you.


Oo. That's a good pick, though the phrasing definitely evokes time travel shenanigans over the plural case ^^ 

But I think it should work? 

Can you fit in something for titles or reciprocity? 


I think so! 

Name: An Idol's Identity - Cost: 1
(Requires What's In a Name?)
People acknowledge and instinctively understand your preferred name, titles and current identity, intuiting the continuity or lack thereof of your existence and self from any other instances of yourself that they've encountered as well as if you'd exhaustively explained every detail you are willing to share. The complexity of your identity never seriously deters people from forming relationships with you, and you never have serious issues keeping track of names, faces and personalities of the people you meet.


...And that's a little rosy blush on her face. 

It's not even a lewd perk, but getting that sort of recognition... 

I like it! 
Feels like it'd really help with being able to - present ourselves properly forward.

There's proooobably enough flex to edit this in situ for what have in mind, I hope? 

let's get goin' down the list...


Name: Size Difference - Cost: 2
At all times, you are exactly the right height. This effect operates based on your sense of aesthetics, in-the-moment preferences, and narrative considerations. It will usually keep any height changes fairly subtle, but at dramatic moments you might discover yourself able to shrink to the size of a bee or grow to the size of a giant.

Size difference is neat but I think that in the ordinary case it's surely like, 90% redundant w/ Hollow leg? Control of your silhouette and stuff has to cover a few in of height, even if there's probably some dumb stuff you can do w/ absolute control of your height, as featured in bloody every antman comic ever. 

Name: Personal Hygiene - Cost: 1
You are always clean and fresh, never needing to use a bath or toilet.

Sick, and nice 'f I ever pick up field surgery or something that benefits from a stronger 'clean' guarentee then you can normally get. I hope it stretches for Shenanigans:tm: around clean rooms too ^^ Those have always looked like a pain. 

Name: Like Roses - Cost: 1
(Requires Personal Hygiene)
You smell lovely. Your scent is unique to you, and may involve any combination of warm spices, floral notes, petrichor, or other things you think smell good. You do not need any justification for why you smell like this.

Mmph. I hope this works w/ the rest of the perks you've mentioned for changing aesthetics and for having different like, layered notes for each part of my body. Hecc, if the justification thing is optional...  Can I get like, perfume bottles 'f it that I can share or use dramatically or whatever, too, aside from it being just like What I'm Like:tm:? Bonus points if I can color it and mess around with the misting effect and when and how it lingers... There's even a lot you can just do with the texture of it on your skin, tbh. 

Does anything cover taste ^^? Just have to ask, sorry ^^

Also, a dearth of superlatives here, tho I think the way the description is phrased implies that it's kinda flavoured like the self-insert-y fun 'f Emerald Orbs. 

Name: Dressing Room - Cost: 3
No matter how ridiculous your outfit, it will stay pristine and perfect, unless it would be more dramatic for you to be artfully bedraggled. You can use any quiet moment to yourself to quick-change your clothes, shoes, nails, and hairstyle into a completely new look. (You cannot change your hair length or colour this way without Perfect Hair, but you can braid or style it.)

...huh? This really doesn't explain anything ^^. The theoretical questions abound like "Can you just magic up contacts w/ arbitrary appearances into your eyes w/out Emerald Orbs?", and I guess uh, what the limits for choices are for what's part of an outfit or what's a quiet mo or the like? 


I'm not too sure what a 'clean room' is? If you can explain it a little more I can tell you how it'd work! By the name though, I think that there's a decent chance it would work? You should count as clean and clear of contaminants enough for anything that you get up to without any further efforts. 

I think you should able to do that, at least if you take Dressing Room as well. Having some perfume in a pocket or lack-thereof is something that should be fairly easy to get with the power? Controlling the details of it will take time, especially if you're working to get control that isn't made of particles, but it should be possible with some work! 

I think with Like Roses and Fairest of Them All there might be something already there? I'll think on it.

Dressing room is... complicated? There's not really a good way to explain it in the confines of the perk normally... 

It lets you access any clothes that you've worn, and anything mundane and producible by the worlds you've seen that you can imagine, so long as it's part of your outfit. Anything that's sufficiently entwined with what you carry on you, that you can don like your clothes or pocket and have as a part of feeling like you're fully dressed and ready to face the world can count. That even lets you stretch it a bit further, pulling back anything that you've been sentimentally attached to that you've had as part of your wardrobe, too! Sometimes you'll also be able to merge outfits and features too, but it depends on finnickier things about how you think about and experience it. But if it's important to you, I'm sure you can figure out something! 

A quiet moment for the purposes of dressing room is anything where the - narrative pressure relents enough for it to be sort of plausible? Any time where you're out of view and not actively under time pressure to do something, or any situation where you could just change your clothes normally you can access it as much as you want. If there's enough give that you could say, disappear, with nothing actively happening to you, or beg off for a bathroom break, it works. It's pretty generous, overall, especially once the changes solidify as part of your narrative. 


Oh ok ^^ 

That is promising. It's super duper tempting to grab all of these ^^

I figure it probably has the drifting details stuff that you probably should be able to get for the rest of these? There's a discussion about what like, the metanarrative super means in practice on the tip of my tongue too. But anyways...


Name: Just A Little Longer - Cost: 1
If you push yourself, you can keep doing any task or working on any project indefinitely, visibly strained but never impaired by injury or fatigue. As soon as you stop, you'll collapse with exhaustion and sleep for up to a full day to regain your strength. This only works when what you're doing is personally important to you.

Is a good perk ^^. Cheap, too. I'm not sure how this compares to like, whatever options I'd get by just throwin' a loose req. for super stamina augs into the roulette or something like that? It's probably not an unreasonable ask for a magic-y setting to let you work unreasonably long. That's still a concession, tho, 'nd there's def options for what I'd wanna do that might make that.... awkward? Havin' this in at least setting 1 as a big advantage kinda speaks to me.

Name: Immunity System - Cost: 3
You can't get sick or poisoned. You can still use recreational drugs and alcohol normally, but can't overdose.

This is really tempting, kinda? Obviously the defensive use is sweet in the kind of places that make that particularly meaningful, but like... mostly in as much as there is an appeal for me for recreational drugs, it's in social drinkin' 'nd that kinda thing? Or I guess getting to explore otherwise really ill-advised things by getting to ignore poisons and the like. Idk if this like, addresses that in any way or 'f 't'd b worth trying to get something for that.

Name: My Ears Are Burning - Cost: 6
You always know exactly what people are thinking, as long as it's about you. This effect is not telepathy and is not blocked by effects that block telepathy. It applies even to people you can't perceive normally. You are never impaired by the flood of information.

...Woof. That's my kink, but also v. a lot. There's probably a bunch of mods that you'd maybe want to make to something like this to make it more consent-y or something? There's probably a lot the basic guarantee does here, but this is def a place where it's hard to instinctively trust that? It's pricey and invasive but there's a fuckton of ways that it'd feel empowering and it'd make so many kindnesses easier and more plausible. 'm gonna have to take a while to think on this - really... take some time to think about all of this.


She paused, for a moment. 

Please do think on that but for now... 

Gonna go take a break, ok? Should pop back in within the hour to keep talking. I need to... clear my head, I think. 

She flicked the book closed, and slipped off the bed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She straightened up, her spine arching, feeling out the little kinks in her shoulders, the light patina of greasy sweat on her cheeks, and the pretty crimped fabric of her blue tank top tug against her chest. She could feel her heart thumping, just a little, now that she had the space to listen to more then just her internal monologue, and it was... 

She shook her head, and strolled out, one step at a time along the cool wooden floor, just down the hall to the bathroom. 

It's all white and blue, ceramic coating the walls and floor in a way that still reminded her more of a pool then something properly homey. The mirror's velvety back stares back at me, the kitschy dentist's toothbrushes, pink razors and lumpy toothpaste tubes in a mug aside the admittedly nice sink. There's a standard tub and shower set up too, w/ a few too many shampoo and conditioner bottles clustered along the edges, with a big fuzzy black towel wrapped around a holder. 

She doesn't need to fucking look to know that she's rumpled and ruffled and flushed, or to feel the faint fuzz of on her cheek or chin. 

Really... even if it wasn't a giant kink thing or something that made her get all gushy inside at the thought of the attention and admiration, she's gotta for that, and getting to do all of their voices was a must. There's gonna be... a lot of mandatory purchases, probably? She supposes there's still something to ask there - what the voice situation would be without picking up any of the voice line, but the rest of the body rebuilt. It just doesn't feel... convincing, right now, and that sucks. She doesn't even know if there's anything that she can or should do about that, and that's even more of a bummer. 

rn tho, there's something to do. 

The shower rattles for half a moment before a warm mist streams down into the tub, thick droplets steaming up against the adorable lemon yellow winky pikachu-themed shower curtain..

She shucks off her clothes into a pile, sighing warmly. 

For now, she should appreciate what she has. Hormones have done so much to make her skin shine, and the tweaks to her sexual response have been... juicy. 

A good half-an-hour later, she's out of the shower, a languid smile on her lips and a looseness in her shoulders. 


hey i'm back ^^ 

There's a couple of questions that I've got from the shower - hope you don't mind if I dump them ^^

Feel free to jot your thoughts down about the earlier stuff - I just don't wanna put more stuff on stack before I do that. 


It's okay! I'm here to help ^^


Okay so... 

Could you tab up what I'd be at if I took all of these perks? The appearance ones, the name, voice and cleanliness line, the wardrobe thing, all that stuff. That'll be a useful chassis if we end up redrafting builds. 

Wanted to ask what's up w/ the collateral changes that you can get - like, how much you can change around your eyes w/ out the eye stuff, how much you can change your voice around w/out the voice stuff, that sorta thing. This is built well but also as a bit of a point vampire, sheesh. None of these really seem like, unworkable as good shit, so I'm gonna be scrounging for pts, I expect, espec. if I wanna be doing a buncha drafts to feel this all out. 

And like... 

There's the metanarrative stuff and the general guarantees that you're tryin' to offer, yeah? I get that it makes the powers work how you want them too, but I'm not sure how much just like... the whole premise of this is wrapped up in that. There's the whole - story about being a vessel of the spirit's power that's sort of - inherent to the thing, m'ybe? 

Idk if I'm reading too much into it ^^


A Thousand Ships (1/70), What's In A Name? (2/70), Angelic Tones (4/70), Emerald Orbs (6/70), Perfect Hair (8/70), Dressing Room (11/70), Personal Hygiene (12/70), Like Roses (13/70), Well Endowed (14/70), Hollow Leg (15/70), Voice of the Goddess (17/70), The Fairest of them All (20/70), An Idol's Identity (21/70)

So 21! Still plenty left for the rest of your build, don't worry. 

Without Angelic Tones, you still have the voice that your body should have. It won't be supernaturally beautiful, but it'll be feminine and directionally accurate to what you're looking for. If you want it to be, it'll be a pretty voice, with a solid and trainable range, too. 

A Thousand Ships gives you a bit more leeway on your eyes. The guarantee that it offers means that you should be able to get more or less anything humanly possible for your eye's coloration, but it won't have nearly the same impact or precision as if you had taken Emerald Orbs. I'm sure much the same applies to the Fairest of Them All too!

There's a couple of things that I could talk about for how the narrative protections applies. For one... 

The Spirit's powers are pretty comprehensive and expansive. The reason you can get the sort of comprehensive powers is because the Spirit works on stories, and to be able to deliver that and the guarantees of the powers, you need to be running on those same kind of greater stories. And that can give you a lot of control over your life, especially in the context of choosing just the right place for you too! 

Things that tend to - break stories aren't going to work on you so much? Precognitive powers aren't really going to work on you, because what's going to happen to you is decided by something outside of the scope of normal time, and omniscient powers might just - miss you, or things about you, even if there's no clear in universe way for that to work, because you're too special and too important to be understood and discarded. That works on the - genre of your life that you are trying for, too, usually.

It also makes things more cleanly turn into plots and narratives and things that you can understand. It's important to the spirit that it not just be a story, but that it's something that would be a good story that you can see and appreciate from the inside, so that naturally makes certain things easier and certain things more common. 

I hope that makes sense to you? 


It... mostly does, yeah. 

So I like... count as having the perks and the bennies thereof first, and then... from there there's a bunch of considerations about the stories and how 'm relatin' to them 'nd on net it creates a - bonus safety blanket and direction to it? 

That's nice, even if it'll probably take like, actually experiencing it to be able to act too to much on it. 


It's more that there's certain things that are just true about you, from the perks to your existence as a vessel, and certain things that are naturally true of someone that that's true of? 

Unless the implementation and details of the second kind of thing are locked in somehow, they might end up drifting and firming up into something that you can take better advantage of, or into something that makes a better story. Sometimes it's very important for people I've helped to be able to have those things locked in and be able to get the advantages that their vision gives, and sometimes it's most important that things work out later, when they really need it, because they're the kind of person who wants to be rewarded for being mindful and ready for the worse. And those scenarios can branch and mix, depending on how your story goes. 

That's part of the reason why this isn't just discussed from the start. 


Her hand glides along her the base of her cheek, feeling the firmness of her jaw and the softness of her throat as she rubs away the light fog of confusion. 

ah ok ^^

I still feel deeply confused but I still have opinions ^^

Hopefully not dumb ones :3

Regardless uh... 

The impression I have is that I mostly - want to lock in that I'm in the genre that I want and then get to - have 't 'n the back? If I can get to the sort of place where I can learn and laugh and love and adventure, then it's okay if it's looser or more restrained. It's maybe ok for them to - pop up, at be something that I have to - take advantage of? Getting to be clever about something only kinda in my control is something I tend to enjoy, 'nd that prob. applies here? But there's so much that things like this does that it's hard to distinguish the cases emotionally. 

My brain def reports that we should just keep writing notes so! 


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