[Sequel to catching up with friends]

The amaliens get to doing tests pretty fast. Most don't turn out other then Vira expected - none of the preventing Meow-passengers from freezing ideas work out, Mimic's Meow doesn't work, Aurorite can't drive Meow because she can't really touch Meow.

Eventually, Vira finds the prismatic triceratops. It's grazing on some grass in a forest. Shining many colored rays of reflected light, it's really distracting and hard to look away from. She gazes into the frills, looking for things that look like the sky as seen from her planet. She looks and sees glimpses and focuses on looking for those glimpses as she stands their, somewhat out of it. She sees more imagines with those constellations, and so she looks for some where at least a few of the  She's looking for a map of the night sky that looks like hers, cept the areas the Amentans have explored to hers, cept with at least a few of the places Amentans veri-fied don't have hospit-able planets greyed out, and at least some places they didn't explore high-lighted in green. It's how she'd do a chart of places that were nice and not barren.

She finds such a chart, flashes of a world becoming more spe-cific and clear. She see's a world that looks like amaliens built sorta cities, with spaceships blasting into the skies. The amaliens she sees are uniformed, and look grim but determined. She's there too, holding something that looks sorta like an everything but more solid and silvery, with a screen dis-playing the chart, one of many she's flipping through. Actual-here copies down the chart quickly and in as much de-tail as she can. Even after she finishes she can't quite pull her gaze away as she sees more of that world - there's fighting in the sky, a big explosion in the distance and suddenly there's a new thing orbiting the planet - it looks... like a city or a spaceship very far away. 

Eventually she collapses, dizzy from the images. Her head full of things from another world. 

In front of her, on a piece parchment, is a hastily sketched out drawing of the night sky, mostly greyed out, but with over 30 stars drawn in green.