By my calculations (see attached spreadsheet), Revelation was the single highest-impact good deed in human history by a wide, wide margin. I haven't made enough of a study of elven history to include it in the analysis, but I would be surprised to see a significant competitor. Your anonymity measures were wonderfully clever and your choice of context for re-revelation only confirms that the first time wasn't a one-off.

My best guess is that you're probably getting on the order of a hundred marriage proposals around now. Marry me anyway.

He signs it Sindri Koskin in English and Thulic.

The hours of careful research he put into the supporting calculations are probably not going to be appreciated, but maybe Cam is the sort of person who likes his marriage proposals with supporting calculations backed by hours of careful research, in which case Sindri is in luck. That's sort of the point of marriage proposals out of the blue; you have to write them in such a way that the recipient has a good guess about whether you are the sort of person they might like to marry.