The apartment is smaller than he remembers. 

That's the first thing Julian thinks, inanely, lying on the living room carpet while baba cries and mama tries to patch up a nasty-looking abdominal wound. He wonders when it happened; he certainly wasn't paying attention. Before graduation, he'd worried he wouldn't be able to focus with nothing between him and that solid mass of maleficaria, and he was right to worry, it's really nothing like the obstacle course at all – but he hadn't counted on the gates. The second he saw them, rising up over the horde, it was like he couldn't see anything else, and all he could do was cast, cast, cast – and at this point he's pretty sure he could cast a time spear in his sleep. 

The second thing he thinks is that Naima must be out by now.

He'd been at the front of the formation, and she was at the back – they'd offered, for the obvious reason, and it made sense anyway since Malak and Julia needed to stay in the center to keep up the spell that made their team the least interesting thing in the hall. That means she can't be more than 15 seconds behind him.

"...need a phone."

And, oh, Choi-fung has hers out, that's convenient, he's just going to grab that now, but the cut in his side seems to have other ideas, and in the end baba ends up holding the screen to his face so he can start to find out who's still alive.