Metadata: baby love me apocalyptic
someone needs to tell first age exalted ellie and fate that you're not supposed to select the same person for all of "bed, wed, behead"
Status In Progress
Audience Public
Setting Exalted
Content Warnings slavery, mind alteration, relationship conflict, domestic abuse, anger issues, character death, main character death, near total character death, fey invade everyone dies, abuse, aftermath of slavery, ambient bigotry, mostly towards people without superpowers, and toward the poor, everyone in this setting is a terrible person, dead dove do not eat, some warnings might get stuck in a sequel, possible threats to children, more may appear as story progresses, possessiveness, pregnancy, implied past sexual assault, offscreen child abuse, aftermath of child abuse, manipulation
Labels femslash, d/s, apocalypse, fantasy, Genre: Romance, shapeshifting
Word Count 27,422
  • Decima: 20,205
  • Diaeresis: 7,180
  • ChaosMagic: 37
Time Begun Aug 18, 2021 11:33 AM
Time Last Updated Sep 22, 2021 12:10 PM