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Oct 28, 2021 11:31 AM
the gods of velgarth are NOT prepared for demon cam
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Leareth, in the north, obtains the message from the mailbox and then sits quietly and reads it. 

It's...not completely reassuring news, and it doesn't exactly answer all his questions. But - it's good news. That much is very, very clear. And it answers most of his questions. 

He wonders when the dream will let him speak with Vanyel again. When they'll be able to start planning– 


Leareth's thoughts catch. Is - he thinking of himself and Vanyel as a 'we' now?

Yes, apparently. 

Velgarth has a solution to material scarcity. Velgarth has a solution to death. And maybe the gods are going to keep fighting them at every turn, but - he has a solution for his plan, now, as well.



He sits for a long time, in silence, thinking. And then starts to write. 

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