She's able to close on her new house - a lovely four bedroom single family home outside of a muggle town, with plenty of room for her, two children, and a kneazle - fairly quickly, though that still does leave them with an awkward week spent on top of each other in her old apartment after Hogwarts lets out for the summer holidays. It was a farm house, once, though the fields have long since gotten choked over with weeds - a perfect field for flying over, once she sets up clever enough notice-me-not wards over the property, and once she banishes all the brambles in favor of softer grass. She leaves their muggle neighbors able to see and visit the home, though she sets it so the house will alert her if anyone other than the four of them approaches.

(She sets a lot of protective wards, and she calls in favors for more. Her American friends accuse her of the world's most aggressive nesting. She jinxes them, laughing, and then draws up plans for more ways to give her home teeth.)

She sets up the fourth bedroom as a library and puts a table she can tap to fold away in the formal dining room so they can use it to practice spell casting. Most of the house isn't very obviously magical, though, and as she finds more stuff to expand into it - her tiny apartment not having nearly enough - she mostly continues forward her same eclectic taste.

(Anathema makes this... Somewhat more eclectic. She has a twelve year old's taste in decorations, access to the vaults of a family she hates, and a manic glee about buying muggle things with pureblood money. Professor Reynolds - who tells them they can call her Fay if they'd like, at least outside of classes - only somewhat tamps down on this.)

She starts them on Occlumency very early, before they even leave Hogwarts - which is just meditation, becoming steadily more focused. She explains to them the absolute importance of knowing your own mind, before you can declare mastery over it - and before you can then attempt to deny another access. She also assigns them philosophy readings and discussions - "It might seem a bit orthogonal, but developing your ability to think about your own thinking, and to know what you think, and to know how to reason, is actually fairly important to self-mastery."

Defense proper is more exciting - she focuses on teaching them how to call for help, first. Calling for house elves, sending sparks into the air (gives away your position if you're hiding), amplifying your voice (which you can add on to if you want to project it so it's not revealing where you're hidden - ideally, you'd drill this until you can do it wandlessly and wordlessly, to prevent someone from stopping you from screaming), even just creating magically noisy explosions or effects... But she also helps them get closer to mastering foundational defense spells like the Disarming Charm, and begins teaching them first aid.

In between all that -

She keeps to a routine of encouraging them to get out of the house and have fun at least an hour or two a day, of spending significant time with them on fun things at least once or twice a week - Anathema takes to video games with delight, and Fay learns to play a few. She takes them to the zoo and museums and movie theaters and an amusement park once, smiling at Anathema's wonder. She celebrates both their birthdays however they want (Anathema has apparently declared hers is on June the thirteenth.)

And, as August rolls in, she takes them to Diagon Alley - their books for most of their core classes haven't changed. The Potions textbook is different, though they seem to still have Professor Cleary, and the History textbooks are a massive list of thin books with titles that sound like they belong to a fictional series rather than a history classroom (Fay seems to really dislike their new History teacher, though she's reserved about this opinion). There's textbooks for their new electives, too, whichever four they chose at the end of last school year. (The 'Personal Enrichment' options were the same as last year - Art, Drama, Literature, Music, though it was noted they could change their elective from whatever one they had first year. There's 'Magical Studies' as the second slot - Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, or Divination. 'Ancient Languages and Cultures' occupies the third slot - Old English, Latin, Ancient Greek, or Ancient Egyptian. And then the fourth slot is 'Cultural Studies' - Muggle Studies, Cultures of the World, Government and Law, or Comparative Religion. Fay mentions to them that the cultural studies classes are all from a wizarding perspective.)

The morning of September first arrives far too quickly.