Naima has been spending most of every day in the temples ever since she returned to Sothis. It's a lot better than assassinating people. It turns out that assassinating people mostly consists of spending more than a month keeping your head down and obsessively stalking them, and you can't do any medicine while you're keeping your head down. 

She's missed it. She feels for the first time like she's learning things while she's helping people, taking notes on who shows what symptoms and how likely she is to be able to help them recover, determining which illnesses are most common and which illnesses are the most deadly. Occasionally learning absolutely bizarre things, like that cancer doesn't register as a disease or a poison. There's a lot of work to be done. Kind of an overwhelming amount. Which is good, really, because if there were a less overwhelming amount of work then she would probably end up spending a lot more time thinking about what she's going to do about Elie.

It's a little less awkward now than it was immediately after their conversation. Which is also good, because if it wasn't it would really be making the medical research stuff difficult, given that Elie is still watching her work every day. (It would make her kind of sad if he stopped, at this point.)