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Jun 24, 2021 4:37 PM
Jason has to survive in an rpg isekai world with just the knowledge of youtube tutorials
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FUCK YES! Jason quickly gets some dry leaves and holds them to the ember, blowing on them to make the ember glow and catch the leaves, he's starting to get afraid the leaves are too damp or the ember will burn out before they finally catch!

He gets more leaves and twigs and simple tinder and gets it to be at least an actual flame, before splitting more slivers of wood off the chunk he found, making a little teepee of dry wood around the tinder, eventually, even the wood slivers catch fire and he sighs with relief. The fire was unlikely to go out now.

Soon enough he has a cheery little fire going, he still has that now really gross chunk of rabbit meat, he washes it in the river first then sort of places it in the coals, kinda dirty but its not like he has better options. It takes AAAAAGES to cook the little piece of rabbit. He looks up at the sun and its already past midday after everything that happened, but a late lunch is better than no lunch!

Om nom nom. After a day and a half of no food, this coal and ash coated piece of rabbit that was kinda burnt on the outside was... well the trope would say it was actually delicious, but it wasn't, due to the circumstance it was certainly edible though, hed rate it next to a bad frozen microwave dinner. It filled him up more than he thought it would actually, it was just a little chunk of meat after all but it was pretty filling.

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