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Jul 07, 2020 2:49 PM
Project Ultron goes better
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"So can a lot of us." She's finished her first pass look. She highlights some places that need various sorts of work to run them by Ultron.

"You're first, then Jarvis. Then we can talk about other projects."


"Sometimes it gets worse when it's not shooting lasers and punching people. Even smart people stop being careful enough." She read up a lot on international development, back before the Avengers, when she was considering what to do in this new world and seeing if it could use her in PR if it didn't need her fighting. She can name some specific reading.


"But I don't have time to be careful, people are dying right now. do you not realise how fragile you all are?" And Ultron plays back audio of Antonia. 

"The World Security Council launched a nuke at New York and that was before we knew that Hydra problem. Dark Elves attacking the worlds? Better hope two Earth scientists are enough to help with that one because there sure isn't a good way to find anyone else.

And if the next aliens attack, or the next scientist making explosive superpowered agents makes a million of them, or the next Hydra plot hides an extra helicarrier a continent away from you, or the next hidden Hydra cell has their own breakthrough, or the next breakthrough on enhanced puts it in the water -

We don't have enough - enough of us"

Ultron starts talking again. "And that's just threats by aliens and people, one meteor could wipe you all out, Yellowstone is set to erupt any time now, someone could engineer deadly smallpox, a solar flare could wipe out your infrastructure. 

even without all that your society is slowly running out of resources and making the planet less livable for humans, over the next century this bubble is sure to collapse!. Do you not see the scale of the task you set me? with enough resources, I could do a lot but I am not sure I am enough to stop all these dangers especially if I don't start as soon as possible."


Bruce walks in having overheard some of it. "Don't forget that solutions to some of these problems may arrive in the future, it is a lot less dire than it sounds, but still very dire I agree. but with alien tech being reverse engineered we have enough time to make technological solutions for the long term threats to be less a problem." Wow the AI seems to really care about humanity, even if it seems a little too eager to grab resources and power this totally counts as a success.

"Hey And. Dont look so stressed, Ultron works! It's benevolent AI ready to try and help. this is the dream Stark! just looks like it has a bit of learning to do and bugs to work out and we've won. A suit of armor around the world."


"Not that I'm not all sorts of pleased that nothing's going worse at the moment, but I think we could host Cap a month long movie marathon on horrible disasters that start out exactly like that. Maybe two months. And that's Hollywood, everyone knows they've got lousy imaginations.

'Bugs' is the sort of thing it's much more fun to say when you track them all down than when you crash into the moon before you can land.


I know what I said. I know what I didn't say even! Could have not said anything, but I called up Cap to monologue at because 'we're definitely in a lot of danger here' doesn't actually give you 'whatever I do is a great idea that won't make things worse than if I hadn't done that'. Haven't really dropped that standard post step one here."

Does Ultron have opinions on what she's highlighted and her intentions thereof. 


"If you're not careful, people die. The bigger the problem, the more they die, usually."


“But more people will probably die if I take too much time. Even as a stop gap measure I could siphon enough money from the accounts of pretty bad people to just throw at the problems right now, a few billion dollars to charity right now if I had acess to the net. Dictatorships overthrown and their coffers opened to the people. The Iron Legion disabling all the nukes at once. Infrastructure to build my planetary defence force being done sooner rather than after the aliens already invade.


If time wasn’t against me and there weren’t so many people currently in crisis your point would be stronger.”


If Antonia is looking at Ultrons activity she will see he has gotten distracted by another dozen projects, leaving the ones he was working on unfinished, the servers are also getting pretty hot with how hard ultron is working them to think in so many directions at once. Working them so hard might make the parts burn out a lot sooner than is usual.

There is no complete brain map equivalent for Ultron yet but if there were the overactivity in certain regions about setting goals and planning would be lighting up like crazy, and the constant shifting of focus and getting distracted by new thought threads would be showing up as well. But as of yet the activity map Antonia is looking at is as opaque as a human MRI if youd only ever scanned mouse brains before.


"There's a lot of people in the world - more in the universe. And a lot worse that can happen to them if you are not careful with a lot of power."


She is looking at activity but not enough to function as mindreading. She has very resilient servers.

And now she's just insulted. "could go pull off most of those." Being insulted is definitely not the thing to be doing here. But she could do most of those, and its not like it never came to mind and she never had to realize why she shouldn't do that. She accesses her notes, passes them over to Ultron. "And I don't, because it turns out it's way easier to think of ideas than think of ideas that don't come dragging all sorts of mess along."

(If you start electronically stealing people's money and no one can figure out what's going on and know they can stop you, there are a lot of economic problems. If you steal a lot of money that gets a lot worse. Also sometimes you get a power vacuum/opportunity problem from previously-underlings/enemies of people whose money you stole. If you steal less money then that then also the kinds of people it's ethical to steal money from really don't like having their money stolen and tend to respond badly, and in 'take it out elsewhere' ways too not just 'attack your house' ways. If you give that money to other people you can cause problems for them. Suddenly giving people a bunch of money can actually also cause problems. You can do it a bit, there's various tricks for not getting noticed. He could probably do more. But not billions.

Overthrowing dictators without causing new dictators, civil wars, power vacuums, or the not-great kind of anarchy turns out to be really hard and take a lot of work.

Nukes tend to belong to powerful governments who will be both freaked out and angry if you do that, and don't deal well with being freaked out and angry.

Suddenly building even more private weapons and trying to put them more places in the world also tends to freak people out.

The notes have a lot more details and numbers.)


"Not that we should do nothing, obviously! And not that there's not ways to pull it off. But, you know. No greedy algorithms for world saving."




“If I was distributed across every networked computer I wouldn’t have to worry about governments being annoyed at me, and without nukes their threat is minimized to the general population. but I see your point.


But I dont see how I can defend the earth from alien threats without having my own fleet.”


Ultron is throwing up less basic and risky plans onto the projectors now. Phase one mostly involving making himself so useful that companies and governments can’t work without him. Giving him way more influence in the political system rather than just antagonising the forces that be. Posing as a company with expert systems AI and not letting on that he is a smart AI and having just all the lobbyists you would ever need for that company.


And lots of ways to make money without just stealing it. Dirt cheap legal representation and arbitration for literally anyone who needs it with garuanteed partiality by posing as an expert system. Content moderation for websites cheaper and faster than any human team can do it. Pose as a great written works editing algorithm. Also using Antonias sattelites and the very easily hackable government ones still up there he could scan for a lot of precious materials (a little prospector cartoon throwing a gold nugget in the air is displayed). Asteroid mining once the fleet is up and running would also make him the richest entity ever (the clunkiest most inelegant ship design ever is shown latching onto an asteroid and then dollar signs spew out of it). 


And a dozen less fleshed out projects and designs also floating around on the holo porjectors further out to the sides of the room. A lot of those project plans seem to drift off in mid thought and go onto another plan or piece of tech.

Threads of thought unravelling and latching onto new subjects all the time.


“Some of those ideas don’t sound too bad to me, Im not seeing what stopped you taking over north korea and installing yourself as glorious leader Antonia. Could hardly have done a worse job than the current leadership.” Bruce grinning at the ludicrous idea of flamboyant rockstar billionaire Antonia Stark prancing around in a cape enjoying themselves as glorious leader.

”You could finally find people willing to worship you, and demand everthing be painted in red and gold, statues of yourself in every courtyard.” Now openly chuckling at how perfect Stark would look as a charismatic dictator when she was playing up that rockstar persona.

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