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Oct 27, 2020 5:13 PM
Dreamshaper Felix in a mind control dystopia
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("Infantry Robots are down."

   "Starfighters aren't responding."

"Commodore, our Army Robots aren't responding do you copy?"

      "Outgoing signals are compromised."

   "Bright Lords of the Stars protect us your servants. Wise Lords of the Singularity protect us your children...."

"Give me the infiltration loci, I'll try to disable them manually long enough to send a distress signal out?"

      "Long shot."

Having received the infiltration loci, an officer departs for the armory in a hurry

   "...Grant us courage and honor to serve you in this time of darkness. Guard us against evil and our souls against corruption...."

      "We need to tell the clergy to prepare the Rites of Loss."

         "On it"

An officer heads off to find a priest.

         "Can we kill the converters before Dalkaila takes those too?"

            "Didn't sound like he wanted them."

         "Let's not risk him changing his mind. Looks like internal comms are down too."

            "I'll tell them in person."

Another officer departs.

               "What does Dalkaila even want with us?")

Felix will not her from them for some time.


You're too quiet. I am sorry if I came too strong at displaying part of my array of skills.

I am ultimately benevolent. And I am not vengeful. I am here ultimately to fix things and with sufficient time I will fix everything.

But please, stop the brainwashing.

How do they feel about finding their ways barred by robots?


The officers who find their ways barred by robots turn back and look for other routes. When all routes are blocked they return to the command centre.

To Dalkaila

From Ravaia command

The people undergoing Conversion on this ship are heathens. If they remain untreated they will continue to offend against the Law and against the Holy Gods, to endanger their own souls, to pervert the spiritual balance of the cosmos, to spread heresies and superstition, and to sacrifice their children to demons.



I would like to negotiate the terms of your peaceful surrender then. At very least until we can figure out a better and friendlier way of to coexist.

I hope I don't need to tell you that any drastic actions that you perceive to be nonreversible shouldn't really be taken at this moment. If there is any reassurances that I can offer you, please request them now.

¹Felix has decided that he will need to fuck shit up in a potentially galactic scale.


To Dalkaila

From Ravaia Command

We will not betray Kina for any price. We will not commit uvolerimu.

"Uvolerimu", from roots meaning "despairful-killing", is a single word referring to a category of sinful act- the act of non-strategically killing someone to keep them out of enemy hands. It can encompass anything from suicide to killing captured soldiers. It can encompass killings motivated by spite or killings motivated by a desire to spare people from torture. It specifically does not cover killing someone to prevent them from being an asset to the enemy, so long as that is truly the soldier's only reason for killing.


I am not aiming to buy anything. I want a mutual coexistence that does not involve the atrocity you're causing

Are Felix's robots finding resistance?


Soldiers attempt to get to the armory and chapel from various other parts of the ship, but most turn back on encountering robots and those who don't are quickly tranquilized or restrained; they're not adequately prepared for a fight where the enemy has robots and they don't.


Is everyone accounted for eventually?


Yes; with enough robots and watching everything through portals, he will be able to have robots trap soldiers in quarters and now-useless control-rooms. The entire rest of the population of the station are apparently being kept in an enormous prison, occupying most of the volume of an enormous spacecraft currently attached to the station. The prisoners are attached to numerous cannulas and electronic devices.

We do not practice surrender negotiation. We have told you our terms.


I admit to not know your track record, but I strongly recommend reconsidering that policy.

Alternatively you could try make an argument for your side.

Felix does not expect a convincing argument.


He needs to focus on the other dreamshaper. He sends robots to search gray quartz around sleeping people around this location (he figures the dreamshaper must be there).


The argument for our side is item 1 in this warship's non-encrypted library.

The robots do not have a "search for grey quartz near sleeping person" function, but eventually he can figure out how to get them to search for grey quartz and for sleeping people and then compare the two maps.


The robots locate a grey quartz crystal near a sleeping teenaged girl. One of her cellmates is trying unsuccessfully to wake her up.


...And item 1 is what? Their religious book?

A robot retrieves the the quartz crystal. The dreamshard. Felix does not sigh in relief, because he does not have lungs. Also, how the dreamshard got here?

Another set of robots surround the girl (though her cellmates can still approach). They quietly announce "due to external influences, this individual is currently unable to awake. Please, take care of them. Providences are being taken for this individual recovery."


Item 1 is indeed a religious scripture, entitled "The First Revelation of Kina".


"What's going on? What's happening to Losse?"


Felix should wait until he has eyes before reading that. Does it look like Felix has control over the station?


The robot does not provide an answer. It only repeats it's message.


It looks very much like Felix has control over the situation.


Now he only needs to keep hold of it for a week or convince someone to help him out.

While without a body.

And far away from home.

He can't feel like there is something pressed against his chest leaving him out of air. But the underline emotion is sure there.


He can create things, why not a new body? If it's sufficiently similar then his immortality ought to recognize it as such.

He tries. Starting small, he creates an embryo. He can actually feel his immortality latching on the thing, briefly, it dies shortly after. But that's promising.

He creates a new body, his age, but identical.


Something goes horribly wrong, it's like he is being split into-




He is not Felix, he remembers Felix's live but he knows he is not Felix. The process must have created him instead of a new Felix body, fuck, fuck.

He looks around his surroundings. Felix created himself a nicely equipped suite for when he woke up. He tries his hand at figuring out the computers.

He sends Felix a message explaining what's going on.

He also opens the feed for the robot that's monitoring the sleeping dreamshaper. It transmits a message.



"Is there an actual person there this time?!"


"Yes, sorry... I couldn't answer before," true enough. He didn't exist a few minutes ago. "Who is talking?"


"Mokete NiJonte. My sister isn't waking up."


"Okay, Mokete, we are going to solve this. What's your sister's name? Is she immediately safe?"


"Losse NiNoke. I don't know what's wrong with her."

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