The Aevylmarch

A zone for Aevylmar to do solothreads and play around with the system, which he doesn't understand tremendously well.

oft evil will shall evil mar
The backstory of the Lintagolarion version of the Titanium Tyrant, so I can use him in other threads and have something to refer to for an Established Status Quo that people can refer back to.
Complete Has Warnings to die would be beneath me [1 2] 35 by Aevylmar
Complete Has Warnings screw you, Abrogail Thrune, and the god you rode in on [1 2 3 4] 76 by Aevylmar
Complete standard speech #17 1 by Aevylmar
him and his vast designs
This continuity is about the Lintagolarion counterparts of the Daughter of Wood and Steel cast! (I like Lintagolarion.)
Complete Has Warnings how grand they've grown [1 2] 31 by Aevylmar
Has Warnings death on the gods of death [1 2 3 ... 9 10 11] 269 by Aevylmar
Complete Has Warnings when the land is left behind 0 by Aevylmar
Complete when crook and his darlings come back with the head 0 by Aevylmar
Complete Has Warnings a mark of how civilized our society is [1 2 3] 72 by Aevylmar
Hiatused Has Warnings the fortune of their years [1 2] 44 by Aevylmar