Alizara goes on a Pokemon Journey (Nuzlockes of Pokemon FireRed and SoulSilver)

Rule Set
1. If a pokemon faints, it is 'dead' and must be permaboxed.
2. Only the first wild pokemon encountered in an area may be used.
- 2a. The game starts once pokeballs are obtained.
- 2b. Shinies can be caught at any time.
- 2c. In game trades can be done at any time.
- 2d. 'Area' is any place marked on the world map (Mt Moon yes, Vermillion Harbor no)
3. The trainer must attempt to capture all legendaries, to increase the challenge.
- 3a. "Legendary" includes anything with an overworld sprite (snorlax, red gyarados)
- 3b. Legendaries must be immediately permaboxed.
- 3c. If the legendary dies, the pokemon currently out against it counts as dead.
- 3d. Legendaries do not count for first encounter
4. Spoiler rule only in play during Soul Silver.

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