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[Group: Thedas] Cailan Theirin from the Dragon Age series.

Half-brother to Alistair. King of

Also meta-a part of the Theirin family. Which includes: Alistair, Cailan, Cal, Cass and Fitz.

Name Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Agent Cailan Maxwell bold-and-the-brave Ken Duken Acheron
Booster Gold supernova Ken Duken Earth-1, Arrowverse
Cailan Graycroft soldier-poet-king Mitchell Hope Twilight
Cailan Maxwell princely-virtues Mitchell Hope Cimmeria
Cailín Maxwell Maxwell to-the-throne Katherine McNamara Mystic
Caitlin Donovan Cait the-descent Katherine McNamara Mystic
King Cailan Theirin Cailan legendary-tale Ken Duken Thedas, Tevene
Prince Ben Ben have-no-fear Mitchell Hope Descendants, Auradon