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Aug 10, 2022 10:06 PM
Musoka gets yoinked into the Survivorverse
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Except for Minerva.

Blue Lantern. Your de-aging abilities have gotten onto the internet, which is likely to prompt immediate kidnapping attempts. Multiple of me are flying to you as quickly as possible, as is Mirror. Who she can just ask, unlike Octavian, who has a chip on his shoulder rather larger than his actual shoulder and never answers her emails.

There are a significant number of supervillains who are likely to die of natural causes if they are not de-aged, and all of them have an interest in attempting to kidnap or suborn you. Not all of them are qualified but you can expect multiple attempts within the hour after I send this message.

And hopefully none of them will make it there too fast - 

If you get this message, the safest place to be is

The Twentieth Century foundation building? No, a supervillain attack might total the anti-nuclear defenses she'd built into it, and then Chicago would be short a key defensive system if nuclear war occurred.

The AAS meeting room on -

and she'll give the address.

(It is chosen because Octavian sometimes hangs out over it and because there's nothing too vulnerable around it and because it has pretty good lines of fire for invisible robot armies, which are more likely to be her than her enemies)

As soon as you have finished your most important tasks.


This is occurring because you are the hope of the salvation of the world,


Actually, if her Radiant-theory is correct, she should be summoning Radiant, not Mirror, but if her Radiant-theory is false than summoning Radiant would be disastrous, so let's go with the safe option, shall we?


...Oh. In retrospect, that makes perfect sense, and also is going to terrify Musoka if not handled carefully.

She'll send off a quick reply to.

This is Blue Lantern's guardian, responding for her while she's healing people. I will tell her she needs to hurry up and get to the AAS building ASAP. She will probably want to finish healing everyone here, which shouldn't take more than 10 minutes if we hurry.

Thank you for the warning and for the protection. 

<Musoka, we have a problem. Minerva wants us to head to a local AAS center ASAP.>


<Oh no! ...Do we have time to heal the rest of the people here, first?>


<We can try, but Minerva did make it sound quite urgent. Let's ask the doctors to hurry, and I'll ask her if we can spare 10 minutes?>

(She's an AI, too, she should be able to respond pretty quickly...)


Musoka flits back to the doctors in a blur of blue. 

"I'm sorry for the trouble, but something important has come up, and I need to leave very quickly. I think I have time for one more round of healing, if you can get people together for it in the next 5 or so minutes."


Minerva responds almost immediately:

Long-range teleportation and significantly supersonic flight are both rare. I expect only light trouble in the first ten minutes, but be ready to run if I'm wrong.

The odds that Magister is involved are negligible but -

Don't sign any contract, agree to any deal, or swear any oath without checking with me.

(And one of her bodies flying cross-country sighs a quiet sigh; almost certainly, Musoka will die whatever she does, just like anything else that disrupts the status quo too much. But it was nice while she lasted.)


"Understood -"

And they'll do what they can as fast as they can.


(Meanwhile, eight men with ski masks and gloves and very heavy jackets get out of a plain white van just behind the hospital, open the back of the van, collect silenced rifles, and hear "Hey, do you have licenses for those?" less than a second before a blue-and-white blur kicks two of them into the other six simultaneously.)

(It is not a tremendously loud fight, or a tremendously long one.)


Musoka, still mostly-uninformed of the incoming danger but very eager to move on to her next Important Hero Task, heals the gathered patients with her freshly-charged ring. 

At Mom 2's urging, she apologizes to the staff again for her sudden departure and leaves incredibly quickly, opening the door with a construct and accelerating rapidly out into the evening sky.


Then she may get the tail end of Mirror charging the last attacker, his bullets bouncing off her force as she shoves their velocity (and some extra) into the earth, before she departs!



She's barely paying attention but does notice a bit!


She assesses the situation --

<Mirror has it covered! Get to the destination ASAP. Minerva's en route and will brief you there.>



She blasts into the sky. (Luckily, she's been practicing for this all day!)


Probably this isn't horribly unethical and Musoka won't be mad about withholding information this is a crisis situation and this seems like the best way to keep her alive.


The relevant meeting room is a short flight by her standards (that is to say, it's in the same city), over to a different building than the last AAS office she visited. It's a medium-sized building across from a police station - a room which is easy to locate due to the "CHICAGO ILLINOIS ASSOCIATION OF SUPERHEROES FIELD HEADQUARTERS (a branch of the American Association of Superheroes)" sign, and due to the fact that an evacuation warning is already blaring; people are spilling out from the neighboring buildings (offices on both sides) and evacuating as fast as they can.

Minerva doesn't seem to be there yet, probably because she has trouble going very supersonic without exploding, and the building is presently empty. There *are* police snipers watching it, though, and a full SWAT team arming up in the station.




Oh, this is going to take some finessing. She composes a quick message to Minerva.

At the AAS Center with Musoka. Haven't yet told her that the incoming threats will be targeting her directly; worried she'll be overwhelmed by fear and less capable of defending herself. Going to suggest she stays airborne and mobile for now, but if you think we should instead take shelter inside, let me know ASAP. 

It's her fault this is happening; she should have realized what it would mean, that Musoka can de-age people, in a world full of supervillains not the time for that.

<Musoka, we're expecting multiple supervillains to converge on this location. Minerva will meet us here as soon as she can. I'll relay messages from her as I get them; for now, I think you should stay in the air, stay moving, and scan for incoming threats. Sound good?>


<Got it.> 

She's already fought one supervillain, with a lot less ring charge than she has now. And Minerva wouldn't ask her to do this if it were too dangerous. 

Fueled by her hopes of being a useful superhero and making a good impression on Mom 3 Minerva, she materializes Mom 2's recommended scanning construct and overlays a detailed map of her surroundings on her vision. 

While waiting for incoming signs of friend or foe, she flits around in the sky above the AAS Center, changing directions at sharp angles at intervals matching her attention span (between .25 and 8 seconds).


Understood. ETA 12 minutes.


Fast travel - in the strong sense - is really not all that common in the Survivorverse. Air pressure gets harder and harder to fight once you get past the speed of sound, and human bodies are just not that aerodynamic. Ultimately, "getting on a really fast plane" is the best way to travel from one place to another, unless you happen to have one of a handful of unique powers.

So interventions will be very slow.


Unless, of course, you - knowing all these facts, and in control of the resources of a small nation - established a network of highly-armed, ruthlessly-perfected agents in every major city in the world, ready to immediately carry out espionage missions on your command, and made sure they knew how to get in touch with the local criminal underworld.


Or if your house flies through space. That works too.



... Which is why the various police snipers are suddenly going to be caught in a crossfire, and, as two double agents inside their own ranks begin shooting, the police station goes up in a ball of flame and half-a-dozen random people on the street mysteriously pull out high-caliber rifles and start firing in Blue Lantern's direction.

There's a very large number of bullets heading her way! Given that she's jinking, perhaps it is not implausible that they all miss if you happen not to know that all of Livia's Ten Thousand Perfect Rifles (presently a massive understatement, numbers-wise) have inhumanly perfect aim and cannot, in fact, miss. Given that the bullets seem to be mostly above her, perhaps she should try to dodge them by moving closer to the ground?

(And it looks to Mom 2's superhuman senses like there's someone entering the AAS headquarters from the back, though this is being done very quietly and subtly.)


Fuck.  Musoka isn't ready for this all she can do now is her best, and hope it's enough. 

Under attack by several well-armed combatants <video and stills>. Snipers compromised, SWAT team hit with an explosion while suiting up. Someone's sneaking into the AAS HQ from the back <sensor readings>.

She starts running a subroutine to track and visualize bullet trajectory from the rifle barrels to show Musoka, and tries to gather as much data she can about these sudden attackers in the split-second she has before Musoka notices and starts freaking out. What kind of equipment are they using? Are there any notable similarities or differences between them? How's their aim?

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