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Dec 14, 2019 10:30 AM
jean, z, even more horror than usual
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* direction_of_sunbeams joined #lobby. *

[21:38] wastingdjinni: don't be an asshole

[21:38] chair: If you do that you might lose the finger.

[21:38] deadleaf: hi!!

[21:39] foggy: new meat new meat new meat

[21:39] kira_kira: gross


[21:40] direction_of_sunbeams: Hi.

[21:40] direction_of_sunbeams: What is this place, exactly?


[21:40] kira_kira: the worst place on the internet

[21:40] wastingdjinni: so do i tourniquet it or not

[21:40] deadleaf: um how did you get here? have you been to the site? 


[21:40] direction_of_sunbeams: Yes, I stumbled across the site and followed a link here.

[21:41] direction_of_sunbeams: I don't understand who this person is or why he makes these videos or for that matter who any of you are or why you watch them.




[21:43] wastingdjinni: wow get a load of this guy

[21:43] lemontired: kick this chump

[21:43] deadleaf: be nice he just doesn't know yet!

[21:43] chair: Uh, have you ever heard of art?

[21:43] foggy: come back in two weeks and ask that question


[21:43] direction_of_sunbeams: Why, what's happening in two weeks?


[21:44] foggy: lol

[21:44] deadleaf: um usually you'll understand by then

[21:44] wastingdjinni: okay seriously i'm going to tourniquet it afterwards if nobody has anything else to say about it


[21:45] direction_of_sunbeams: Are the videos staged?

[21:45] direction_of_sunbeams: Don't tourniquet it unless you're going to bleed out before you can get to an emergency room.


[21:45] wastingdjinni: okay thanks. can't believe new meat is better at this than you guys

[21:46] chimeraglo: Z doesn't stage videos.

[21:46] chimeraglo: And it's against the rules to post stages here

[21:46] chimeraglo: It's disrespectful

[21:46] foggy: lol get your head out of his asshole


[21:47] direction_of_sunbeams: I watched the latest video. He should have died from that much blood loss.


[21:47] kira_kira: i wish

[21:47] kira_kira: i'm only still in this place because i'm waiting for him to fucking die

[21:47] kira_kira: it'll be amazing

[21:48] deadleaf: NO ;_; that would be so sad don't say that

[21:48] lemontired: real life doesn't work like that dos

[21:48] lemontired: z's never going to die


[21:48] direction_of_sunbeams: Why do you want him to die?

[21:49] direction_of_sunbeams: I'm so confused.


[21:49] kira_kira: have you seen his face

[21:49] kira_kira: or heard him speak like ever

[21:49] lemontired: stop being a hatefag

[21:50] deadleaf: i think he's beautiful :(

[21:50] foggy: we already know you want his face in your guts

[21:50] chair: I apologize for everyone else in this chat.


[21:51] direction_of_sunbeams: Just to be clear, his entire oeuvre is just creative self-injury? There's no backstory or explanation I've missed?


[21:51] chimeraglo: "Just" :/

[21:51] kira_kira: yeah he's just an attention whore with a knife

[21:52] lemontired: i can't believe you just used the word oeuvre unironically

[21:52] deadleaf: um have you ever seen ASMR videos? i think it's like that but for your soul

[21:52] chair: Does a painting need a backstory?

[21:53] wastingdjinni: maybe i just won't take the bone out if you're all just going to ignore me


[21:53] direction_of_sunbeams: Many paintings need to be appropriately contextualized in order to fully appreciate them.


[21:53] chair: What kind of context are you trying to find?


[21:54] direction_of_sunbeams: Historical, social, cultural, sociological...


[21:54] foggy: it's torture porn sunny

[21:54] foggy: it's not that deep

[21:54] chimeraglo: Just because all you do is jerk off to it doesn't mean the rest of us are like that


This is going nowhere.

[21:54] direction_of_sunbeams: Have any of you spoken with him?


[21:55] deadleaf: sometimes he comes here and talks with us

[21:55] deadleaf: and takes challenges or asks us things

[21:56] deadleaf: and he answers emails sometimes too, and he talks to people in streams


[21:56] direction_of_sunbeams: What sort of things does he talk about?


[21:56] deadleaf: he watched my tribute video last time u//u//u

[21:57] chimeraglo: Are you investigating or something

[21:57] chimeraglo: What is this?


[21:57] direction_of_sunbeams: No, just incorrigibly curious.


[21:57] deadleaf: i can @ you when he comes in if you want!

[21:58] lemontired: dude just watch the videos and lurk like the rest of us

[21:58] kira_kira: he comes in here and does this shitty fake friendly thing

[21:58] kira_kira: probably so he'll get more """"tributes""""

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